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Don Juan on Mars

Episode II
The Stolen Bride

By Marc


Don Juan, in his Mhartian reincarnation as the handsome young Prince Thol keeps a love tryst in the Garden of Mhersa with the beautiful Princess Lheeta. This meeting has been sanctioned by the Supreme Council according to Martian law for the purpose of lending the necessary biological aid to the almost perfected system of synthetic reproduction now in popular vogue upon the planet. Mind over matter is the keynote and the "lovers" are supposed to participate in a mental union only. Don Juan, however, reverts to type and his passion fans to flame a hidden spark in the heart of Lheeta. They spend one wonderful night of forbidden bodily love and are discovered the next morning by the Garden Guards. When an attempt is made to take them into custody and present them to the authorities, Don Juan sees red, breaks loose from his captors, attacks and fells the guards, rescues Lheeta and with her in his arms escapes into the dense forest.

OH, the supreme ecstasy of these past few days—and nights!! Only the peeping stars and caressing night breezes know, and they will keep our precious secret!

No signs as yet of our pursuers. For the time being we have thrown them off our trail. Little use to hope that they have given up the hunt, for the Council is relentless and well I know the lengths to which it will go in order to enforce or avenge these infernal mental laws. We have committed a grave sin against this unbearable supercivilization. How long can we elude the round-bellied heartless Guards of Mhersa? One thing is c...

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