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Don Juan Visits The Planet Mars

By Don Juan

 A profound affection for Lheeta, on a distant world, by the greatest lover of all times 

MARS, God of War and Lord of Battles! Yet verily I have found his planet a place of love and rare beauty: of pure, unadulterated passion and sweet-smelling odors. Mhersa, the green moon of mating, hangs low o'er the gardens this night. Warm and sweet scented are the timid breezes that bring to mine ears the elfin music of a distant tinkling fountain. Ah, what a night for love! Was Nature ever more conspiring in her delightful subtleties?

I, Thol Shedaar, prince of the reigning house of Gharphut, once known upon that distant planet Terra as Don Juan, lover-extraordinaire, am in high spirits tonight. My royal heart beats impatiently within my breast and the name of desire all but consumes me. And well it may, for this is the night of nights, a priceless gift of the Great Destiny in the name of Romance. The stars have revealed it and the Supreme Council sanctioned it. Through the proper channels I have speeded my invitation and, wonder of wonders, she has accepted.

Here in the enchanted atmosphere of Mhersa's own garden, amid the intoxicating perfumes of countless love-blossoms, aloof from the rest of Creation, I have a rendezvous with the fairest maiden in all Mars! It is more than a rendezvous, it is a surrender, a gift of the Gods!

But once only have mine eyes beheld this vision of marvelous beauty and since leaving the planet Earth I have longed lor the ecstasy that should fall to the lot of any lover.

As I pen these lines in 2136 I think back to the ancient history books of 200 years ago when the Strat-light rockets were foreign to the young men and young women of that decadent age, and when Love itself was always open to either suppression...

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