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 Under the Cloak of Darkness, Murder Stalked 

Enter Death

By J. S. Endicott
Author of "The Girl in the Belfry," "Crimson Cargo," etc.

THE WIND wailed dismally as it blew about the old stone house that brooded in the darkness of the cloudy night. The man hesitated at the porch steps. He glanced about him anxiously, peering into the shadows. He felt a sense of security as his fingers gripped the sword cane he held in his right hand. He had always hated guns—and that sword cane might prove useful before the night was over.

He mounted the steps and rang the bell, his cane swinging idly in his hand. In a moment the door opened and the sinister-looking figure of a Hindu stood glaring at him. A jewel glittered on the turban of the Hindu as he scowled at the new arrival.

"Mr. Baytell is expecting me, my name's Sinton. I'm the detective he sent for."

The Hindu bowed ungraciously and stepped aside so that Sinton might enter the musty, dimly- lighted hall.

"Wait here," said the Hindu. "I'll tell Mr. Baytell you have arrived."

Sinton frowned as the servant turned and moved silently down the hall. The Hindu spoke English with hardly a trace of accent. Evidently he was a most unusual serva...

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