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An American Mandarin


"An illustrious man from beyond the seas, he came 6000 li to accomplish greet deeds and acquire immortal fame by shedding his noble blood. Because of him Sungkiang shall be a happy land for a thousand autumns."

CHINA'S Tai-ping revolt, or "war of the Long-haired Rebels" broke out in 1850. Its leader, Hungts'üan, self styled Tien-teh (Celestial Virtue) and Tien-wang (Heavenly King) announced himself a heaven-sent reformer. He sought to dethrone the Manchu dynasty and to found, in his own person, that of Tai-ping or Universal Peace. During fifteen years of sanguinary insurrection, the Tai-pings all but wrecked the weak Manchu dynasty. They captured various important cities including Nanking. By 1860 the insurrection reached formidable proportions. ...

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