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March 1887


IN school days I read the story of the wolf-reared children, Romulus and Remus, and the founding of Rome. Later in India I heard that at such a place or such another city a wolf-boy had been seen; but even in India, where people and wolves are most abundant, wolfreared children are rare. At last I have seen and conversed with one for myself. As I stood near a pillar, on a broad veranda in Cawnpore, a friend said to me, "Do you see that strange creature ?" A step forward brought within view the most animal human being 1 had ever seen. The first impulse was to rush in doors, but curiosity and my friend's speaking held me.

"He is a wolf-reared," he continued, "and has the strangest voice. Listen while I speak to him."

In response to some simple questions in Hindustani the wolf-man replied in a high-pitched and whining tone. It was not disagreeable or in the least calculated to frighten the most timid, save by its strangeness. It reminded one of the voice young children sometimes assume, when in a half-laughing, half-crying, teasing and petulant mood.

This man was evidently between twenty-five and thirty years of age, of medium height and fairly well developed. For a beggar, he was well dressed. He was of a dark-brown color, but not nearly so dark as many ...

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