As In The Beginning can be found in Magazine Entry


Vol. I, No. 2

March, 1940



Man had done his best to destroy all life, but the world was not quite dead.

THE world was not dead....

Adams knelt in the red, caked mud that the tidal waves had left every-, where. Tears stung his eyes. Reverently, his trembling fingers touched the three translucent spears.

Life still endured....

His misty eyes looked across the red barren flats, toward lonely sea and lifeless sky. Their terror had suddenly fled. These tiny blades of green had banished his despair, and laid the stark horror that had haunted him back from the moon.

They flooded his heart with a quick pity for his prisoner, that dissolved grief and hate and madness. Abruptly he was sorry for the sentence he had passed.

After that vain and frantic search across a world crushed and overwhelmed, when at last he had brought the Victory down upon this flat red isle of mud, beside a sea that would never bear ship again, Adams had gone back to his prisoner.

In the rocket's dark interior, hot and stifling with motor fumes, Dr. Everin lay bound in a cra...

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