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LET those who look longingly through the pages of the matrimonial journals beware! There is a tale told (and substantiated) about a female Bluebeard—a woman of mysterious powers and a peculiar attractiveness who lured and then disposed of an unknown number of unsuspecting men with the aid of such publications.

Someone should have tried warning her prospective husbands and victims, but there was no one capable of undertaking that duty—at first. For the people of LaPorte, Indiana, were only mildly curious about their new neighbor, the Widow Sorenson. The farm she purchased lay less than a mile out of town and consisted of a full forty-eight acres. They heard rumors that she was well-fixed financially with eight thousand dollars in life insurance and a few thousand more received from the sale of her home in Illinois.

The portly widow arrived with her two children and Jennie Olson in the summer of 1901 and amazed the truckers with her ability to juggle heavy boxes and crates. The Widow Sorenson was no petite creature and, from all outward appearances, far from delicate. She was five feet seven inches tall and weighed two hundred pounds, most of which was pure brawn.

It was not long before the community learned that this woman wanted to be left alone—and was capable of taking care of herself. An experienced farmer, she could pitch hay, milk cows, and do her own butchering of hogs and calves. Meat from the Sorenson farm was sold in La Porte.

Hardly more than a year elapsed when a strange set of events began to occur. In April of 1902 she married Peter Gunness, a stranger to the community. All might have been well had the groom not come to an untimely end. After only seven months of wedded bliss, Mr. Gunness left this World for the next. The death blow was dealt by a sa...

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