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"There's more betwixt Heaven and Earth—"

ADVENTURE certainly covers a lot of territory for such a _small and compact word. It is a category which probably is the only one covering everything that has ever been known to man. It can concern itself with little everyday things all the way up to lion hunting and escaping from prison. It runs down the whole list, backwards and forwards, and no matter how humdrum a thing may appear from the outside to the nonchalant viewer, there is always some part of its working ability which may inspire someone to consider it a topic for adventure, and cause someone else to invest in making it work.

But just as adventure covers everything about our everyday life, we and everything we do, it also has an ability which we have not as yet perfected. It can escape into another part of our lives which we know very little about, which we have no known control over, and which we can see only when whatever force that controls it, wishes us to see it. This field, over which we ponder so much, is that of dreams, and certainly there is no one alive and reading this, who has not dreamed at one time in his life, who can truthfully say that his dreams have been just as everyday as his waking hours, and that they have been unadventurous and that there has really never been anything much that has happened. All one need do to disprove this is to take an extra bite of that cheese sandwich just before retiring, and off he is, on the maddest and most unexplainable adventure he has ever encountered, or perhaps, he hopes to high heaven that he never will encounter in broad daylight, Or for that matter, he does not wish to see it again in his dreams.

There are many things about dreams which people have tried to explain away, and which other people have tried to get some meaning out of. The study of the meaning of dreams is a large ?eld, and everyone, it seems, has, at one time or another, tried to interpret his own dream, probably to the way he wants it to be. The field of dreams covers everything from abuse to zulu, and even these subjects are divided into different categories.

As for the meaning of dreams, many people are trying to find out how much dreams actually do mean. They may mean much, and on the other hand, they may mean practically nothing. There's also the middle road of dreams which states that dreams mean very little in proportion to their length and all the subjects that they cover, but this is always a fairly safe stand to take. Surely...

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