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LITTLE known to the world at large in the 19th century, there lived a great man. He will not be remembered for the good things he has done; there was nothing of the humanitarian in him. A selfish adventurous soul, he was completely consumed by one feverish desire, to do what others dared not attempt, to make himself notorious by his daring. And yet, this completely self-centered mania which possessed him demonstrated that even it could be utilized in the discovery of Truth.

Richard Burton was an explorer of great, but unrealized, worth. It was not until years after his death that the value of his wanderings was established. He was born in England in March of the year 1821. His father, a retired army officer, suffered from asthma. Seeking relief from his suffering, he led his family from one country to another and returned to England. Young Richard, as a result, was learning Greek at the age of three, and Latin at the age of four. He was unusually receptive and attentive to all the languages he heard in those youthful days; he was all his life to be a great language-learner and language-user. They were the means to developing and satisfying his curiosity, ways of escape from that sense oi frustration that was to haunt him all his days.

Young Richard was a continual source of worry to his parents. His pranks caused him to be regarded first as an imp and then as a scoundrel in their eyes. In Pisa Mt. Vesuvius loomed mysteriously for him on the horizon. There was nothing for him to do but explore it for himself. He wasn't content with reaching the crater, for the fumes twisting slow wreathings of smoke far ...

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