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WHEN we speak of science in relation to crime, we usually think of scientific instruments and methods used by the police to capture and convict a criminal. We are apt to overlook the fact that there is nothing to prevent the intelligent criminal using all the resources of science in his battles with the law, and that he is not handicapped by red-tape nor officialdom, such as often exists in police organizations. We are apt to forget that the criminal, while mentally unsound in a larger sense, may possess an extremely fertile brain and brilliant talents. Before a particular branch of science can be applied to the detection of crime, police authorities must be consulted, permission must be obtained from various officials, appropriations must be submitted, passed upon, and approved: in fact, the machinery of justice and police work is too often slow moving and conservative.

The criminal is handicapped by none of these things. If he wishes to employ science in the perpetration of a crime, all he has to do is to purchase the necessary equipment, and USE it. Moreover, for each advance made by the police, the criminal can make two or more, without hindrance by any official redtape. Just how far crime-land has accepted science as an essential element in its battle against society, is described in the following article.

Science, the Police and the Criminal

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