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Beware, of Vampire Women


YOU must not wanton with each casual maiden,
Or the succubi may clasp you very soon
Your heart is prodigal when roaming lightly—
Top easily distracted by the moon.
For when a siren seated by the wayside
May dazzle with an eloquent allure,
And melts your heart with diabolic beauty:
Such perilous adventure leaves no cure.
So cease your playing with the lotus damsels,
One never knows a demon in disguise;
Her voice is low and purring like a kitten;
Erotic, wax and wane her jacinth eyes.
Beware, you fickle cavalier of fortune;
You may be lost forever in an hour.
-For a creature subtly warm, perversely human,
May bleed your soul... silk-smiling to devour.