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Astounding Stories August 1936

Black Light

by Ralph Milne Farley

THE PRESIDENT received the sandy-haired G-man in the blue room of the White House.

"Curtis," said he, with his engaging smile, "as you know, American relations are very strained with a certain foreign power, whose name I need not mention. We have just received word from the army intelligence service that spies of that power have entered this country for the purpose of making an attempt on my life. I understand that you fellows of the bureau of investigation are great believers in what you call 'occupational disguise'?"

"Yes, sir."

"And that you yourself are a reserve officer?"

"Yes, sir. Captain of infantry."

"Very well, Captain Curtis. I have arranged with your chief to give you a leave of absence. You will be called to active duty as a reserve officer, and will be detailed to the technical staff. Please obtain ordinance insignia and report back here in uniform for instructions. Your duty will be to act secretly as my bodyguard."

Walter Curtis drew himself up to attention: his steel-gray eyes snapped as he saluted briskly. "Yes, sir," he replied.

SURROUNDED by an escort of motor-cycle police, and preceded and followed by cars containing plain-clothes men of the secret service, the President's sedan drew up in front of a large white-pillared, colonial, brick house in the suburbs of Georgetown. The Presid...

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