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Detective Story, February 18, 1919

White as Snow

by C. S. Montanye

Author of "The Man Who Never Forgot," etc.

IT was common talk in the underworld of the great metropolis that Slim Hanley had a long- standing grudge against a dip familiarly known as Mike the Mouse. Just how it had come about or why Hanley hated the Mouse, no one seemed able to understand thoroughly, but it was gossip in the cafes, gambling dens and dives, Slim intended to get the Mouse and get him good.

Had the facts of the feud been known, the angels of crime who fluttered through the red lights of the joints would have understood that Slim Hanley had reason for the grudge he cherished. Several years before, incredible as it seemed, both men had been partners, traveling the farmer circuit and burglarizing small-town post offices and banks with a fair degree of success. There had been the little episode of the railroad station in the town of Millsburg. Here, Slim Hanley had fallen victim to the wiles of one Sada Kern, daughter of an old- time counterfeiter who had reformed and was cultivating a small farm. Sada, born of criminal parents, yearned for the city and Slim promised that her yearnings should not be in vain; he proposed to marry her and make her both wife and partner; but first there was the matter of the safe in the depot of Millburg.

On the night the robbery was scheduled to take place, the slim yegg, hurrying to the rendezvous, found that some one had visited the spot before his arrival. From a distance, Hanley observed the bobbing of lanterns and saw the place swarming with minions of the law. As he had committed no crime in that particular town, he drew near and made inquiries. Some one, full of information, told him that the station safe had been blown by "a robber who had run off with old man Kern's daughter." W...

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