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The Man Who Never Forgot

by C. S. Montayne

IT was known throughout the Manhattan underworld that "Frisco Ed" never forgot. There were many who, at one time and another, had crossed his trail or aroused his resentment, and while he had said nothing at the time, the San Francisco dip had jotted down the incidents on his mental index, obliterating them only when in some way he had arranged matters to his own satisfaction, causing those he fancied had wronged him ample suffering.

There was, among others, "Limpy Lou," who unconsciously, in a moment of intemperance, had dropped information into the ear of a certain stool pigeon, concerning a package of bonds Frisco Ed had helped himself to. Frisco Ed, through lack of evidence, had been discharged. He bided his time, and one dark night, several months after the incident, he encountered Limpy Lou in a blind alley adjacent to the Bowery. After the meeting Limpy Lou limped no more.

Thus it was that the friends of one Joe La Grand, a yegg of some reputation and fame, were greatly perturbed when they learned he had, while pressed for immediate funds, stuck Frisco Ed up in a waterfront cafe, relieving him of a tidy bank roll. The friends of La Grand, learning of this, hastened to impress him with Frisco Ed's remarkable faculty for remembering things. They quoted various cases to illustrate the point, but La ...

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