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Children of the Moon

(The Moths)


Flitter, flutter, through the dark!
Like an ever-glowing spark:
On my wings the moonlight rides,
Ghostly starlight bands my sides.
Flitter, flutter, through the flame;
Flutter—'twas a sorry game!
Singed and crumpled now I lie,
And you think to watch me die!
I have left you as I gaze;
Ghostly wings your lips just graze.
Flitter, flutter, through the dark!
Careful, I will leave my mark
In your heart and on your soul
(I am kin to elf and troll);
You will see strange shapes flit by,
Ghastly riders of the sky;
You will wander 'neath the moon,
Harkening to a soundless croon.
Mock me not as here I lie
(While you are you and I am I);
For, lean close, I'll whisper true,
I was once a man, like you!