Wang Foo's Right Eye can be found in

Mystery Magazine, May 1, 1924

Wang Foo's Right Eye


THE telephone on police headquarters desk rang sharply. Desk Captain Boyle pulled it down lazily and put it to his ear. "P'lice Headquarters. What? Number 32? The devil you say! When? All right. I'll send Lannigan."

He hung the receiver on its hook and motioned toward a group of detectives lounging on a bench near the wall. One of the men rose and approached the desk.

"Do you want me? I heard you talking to 32." Boyle chuckled.

"Yes, I want you. Somebody's croaked a Chink over on 32's beat. Better go over and take a look. Chinks are your specialty."

Lannigan grinned.

"I don't stick up for the yellow devils, but I don't believe in sticking a dagger into anybody. Knifed, wasn't he?"

"I believe so," Boyle nodded.

Officer 32, named Ryan, was waiting by his call-box when Lannigan walked up. He got down to business at once.

"Where'd it happen? Where's the Chink? Any evidence?"

Ryan gave the details.

"Over in front of Wang Foo's laundry. Knifed in the back. Dr. Haxell is the only one who saw anything."

By this time Detective Lannigan and Ryan had arrived on the scene of the crime. A crowd had gathered on the sidewalk and were kept away from the body only by a threat of the nightstick in the hands of Ryan's "beat partner," O'Rourke. Ryan entered the circle of people that hid the body of the dead Chinaman, and addressed O'Rourke:

"All right; here's Lannigan."

O'Rourke grinned. "Glad of it. This gang ain't got much sympathy for a Chink. They don't see why we should object to their killing off a few."

Lannigan knelt over the body of the murdered Chinaman. He lay sprawled over the dirty sidewalk, arms crushed under him, face down. He wore ...

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