Death Hangs High can be found in

Popular Detective, April, 1937

Weird, Baffling Doom Stalks an Abandoned Mine!



Author of "Murder in the Belfry," "Where There's Smoke—" etc.

BLACK eerie shadows formed strange shaped blotches at the entrance of the old coal mine. The flashlights in the hands of the three men bathed the still figure of old Dan Kirk in a white glow. Even in death the face was contorted in a grimace of stark horror. Thin bony hands were still tightened into hard fists as though he had tried to protect himself as he sprawled on the hard ground.

"Heart failure." Doctor Fell's grating voice cut through the silence as he examined the body. "Plainly caused by fright. There's something weird about this old mine, Wakely."

"He's the third man that's died here like this," said Travers Wakely, his voice trembling. "First Morgan, then Hunter and now Kirk. All of them with that look of fear on their faces and I hired these last two because they claimed they were afraid of nothing!"

County Detective Brad Halton stood silently listening. Fell was almost brutally mechanical in his manner toward death. He reminded Halton of a gaunt crow. Wakely was fat and gross. He was eternally whining and his round moist face wore a petulant expression.

"Nothing more we can do here," said Coroner Fell. He spread a white handkerchief over Kirk's face and then got to his feet. "He's been dead for some time."

"But what about my mine?" demanded Wakely. "The property is valuable." He turned to Halton. "You're the county detective—why can't you do somethin...

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