Justice Gets a Break can be found in

Real Detective Tales and Mystery Stories, June, 1930

A five-minute story
Of Siamese twins and a keen-eyed cop

Justice Gets a Break


ON the evening of February 10, 1930, as Officer Frank Moran was sauntering down Ohio Street, a shot rang out.

It sounded so close behind him that the policeman instinctively ducked his head. He drew his gun, whirled quickly and saw three men standing beneath a street lamp less than half a block away.

An instant later he saw one of them sinking slowly to the sidewalk. Moran rushed forward. "Don't move!" he yelled. "You with that gat—drop it!"

"Ah, a policeman! Good!" said he who had fired the shot, and his gun clattered upon the concrete at his feet.

The officer stared in amazement at the two grotesque figures before him. Nature had been cruel to this pair and had welded their bodies together near their waists.

"Siamese twins!" said the cop.

"That, I believe, is the accepted expression, although we are Filipinos." It was spoken in a calm manner. "My name is Marcio Sarmani, and this is my brother Sanchi. It was I who did the killing. Sanchi is innocent—he knew nothing of my intentions."

"Who is this guy?" asked...

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