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Shanghai Sue


A HUGE HONOLULU moon was climbing slowly into the sky; snow-white beach sands spread along the coastline, like a strip of a beautiful, and yet, seemingly endless desert; tall, stately coco palms were dipping; wavelets tiptoed quietly up on the sands and then rolled back down, unintruding. And somewhere, resting on the sands, amid this romantic tropical setting, were two forms—one of a girl, one of a man.

The girl, small, white-faced, blonde wavy hair, deep-set blue eyes, lay on the arm of her companion, breathing in the soft wafting breezes of this balmy equatorial air. She had her eyes half- closed and seemed hardly aware of his presence.

The man, round, red-faced, with coal-black hair, garbed in an immaculate white uniform of a Naval lieutenant-commander, also seemed held by the magic spell of this enchanting Hawaiian night. But he was more aware of his companion's presence, for he seemed to move, quietly, gently now and then, attempting to master the unique technique of courting her flower-decked, perfumy favors.

He spoke and she moved, half-startled, half- awakening, and the soft, hushed spell was broken. "Do you love me?" he asked, in smooth, low tones, his black eyes focussing down on her beautifully molded white face.

She whispered a laugh, half-serious. "Hawaii is wonderful, Tom," she answered in a soft, chanting voice; "but remember you are forty-two and have a wife in the States."

He uttered a gutteral sound from his throa...

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