Pallas Rebellion can be found in Magazine Entry

THE first hint about the robot trouble on the planetoid Pallas to reach us came from that intrepid reporter of interplanetary news, Sandra de Long. Sandra had been on Pallas investigating the plutonium mines there.

She hadn't been on the trail of any specific story, but just sort of writing a book about the major asteroids and their scenic interests. Pallas. you know, has the only natural deposit of pure plutonium in the solar system—outside of the debatable and inaccessible claims made for certain mountains on Neptune's smaller moon. Because plutonium is the stuff from which atomic reactors are made, it's valuable and still pretty expensive to fabricate, even in this day and age, two hundred and fifty years after the Manhattan Project.

Plutonium, being highly radioactive, is mined exclusively by robots. They are directed from the mining settlement of Valiersdorf, wh...

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