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Another Job for Homicide

By C. K. M. Scanlon

Gary Hammond tackles a clueless murder puzzle!

GARY HAMMOND of Homicide did not act or look like a first grade detective, but he was one of the best men on the New York Police Force. He was slender and dark and looked and dressed like a fairly successful young business man. He was polite to old ladies, kind to children, and tough on crooks.

Now he stood near the door of the living room of a Park Avenue apartment and watched the Homicide Squad at work. The police photographer had finished making angle shots of the corpse sprawled out on the oriental rug. Dr. Doyle, from the Medical Examiner's office, was tapping one foot impatiently as he waited for the chalk outline of the body to be made.

"He would die on a rug like this," muttered the man with chalk. "It's like trying to make marks on seaweed or something."

"Hurry up," said Dr. Doyle impatiently. "I haven't got all day." He glanced over at Hammond. "Who was he anyway?" he asked.

"Lowell Malden," Hammond said. "Sportsman, man about town, and now he is just as dead as any other mackerel."

"That never made sense to me," said the fingerprint man. He was busily dusting a table with fine powder from a little blower. "I could never see that mackerels were any more dead than anything else."

The man with the chalk gave up, after making what he thought were marks to show where the corpse had fallen. He nodded to the assistant M. E.

"It's about time," Doyle said. He knelt down and began examining the body. "He was shot through the head with a small caliber bullet—a thirty-two I'd say."

"Not without probing for it, you won't," said Hammond. "You can't always be sure of the size of a bullet by the hole it makes, Doctor."

"Go question your suspects, Hammond," said Dr. Doyle. "You bother me."

"That's what makes this a nice open and shut case," Hammond told him. "There aren't any suspects. Half an ...

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