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Auction Of The Damned

by Donald Bayne Hobart
Author of "Hunchback House," "Clue of the Leather Noose," etc.

Death Stalks Grimly Across the Mongolian Lowlands as a Lone White Girl Faces Sinister Peril

HAL LAWSON shuddered as he heard the eerie death cries rising from the street. That had been going on for hours. Asia was always a land of strange adventures—but what was happening here in this little village back in the Savanski mountains was more horrible than anything Lawson had ever encountered.

"Listen to them, Hal!"

Sue Trent stood close to the window, dangerously close. For if these beasts that roamed the streets, looting, torturing, killing, caught a glimpse of the slender American girl there would be more trouble.

"We've got to get away!" she cried. "Why, they are like hungry wolves!"

"Worse." Lawson's tone was grim, his lean jaw set, and his eyes hard. "Those men down there are not human. Every one of them is an imbecile—a Mongolian cretin who escaped from the insane asylum near here not five hours ago."

"I know." Sue's voice was low, weary. She was so tired—and afraid. "But they are not so crazy that they don't know how to—murder!"

Lawson couldn't tell her that just a half-hour ago he had seen her father and the other two men who had come with them on this exploring expedition go down beneath the fury of the insane mob. It was better for her not to know—now. She would need all her courage before this was over.

Gradually the sounds in the street grew fainter, but they still lingered in...

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