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Black Coffee

By Wallace R. Bamber
Author of "Death Comes to Ricardo," "Black Shadows," etc.

 Tommy's Coffee Pot is the Scene of a Grim Drama of the Underworld 

THE pasty-faced Kid sidled through the half- open door of Tommy's Coffee Pot, hauled himself atop a high stool at the far end and hunched over the greasy counter.

"Whatcha want?" grunted the pockmarked attendant behind the marble slab, and slapped down a glass of water.

The Kid turned his head nervously and showed the whites of his eyes, which weren't white at all, but a sickly yellow instead. He cast quick, darting glances at the front door and then toward the back.

"Whatcha want?" pockmark blurted again. "Make it snappy!"

The Kid squinted his eyes and stared through the light of the tawdry entrance out into the darkness of the almost deserted street. His slight frame quivered a little and he sniffled. Then his spare shoulders shrugged and he straig...

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