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Bombshell Murder

J. S. Endicott

Jack Sanford recognizes the grim scent of mystery!

FROM the private office of the president of Marvel Perfumes, Limited came the steady murmur of voices and then an excited shout. Jack Sanford glanced at Joan Weaver and smiled.

"Sounds as if the boss has made another colossal discovery," Sanford said. ''It's an inspiration that Joseph James Javer thought up all by himself—with the help of the research chemists, the head of the distillation department, the advertising manager, the art director and a man named Mike."

"And the result will be a new perfume to add to the Marvel line," Joan said. "But you should lower your voice to a hushed tone when you speak of J. J. He's a great man, Jack. If you don't believe it, he'll tell you so."

She rose from her desk—a lovely, slender, Titian haired girl—with plenty of poise. Joseph James Javer insisted upon his receptionist being decorative and Joan was as attractive as the pastel decorated room in which she worked.

Jack Sanford also fitted his surroundings. He was dark haired, well dressed, with a strong, handsome face. Two months ago he had been discharged from the Marines because of wounds received on combat duty overseas, and now he was back in his old job as head perfume salesman for Marvel Perfumes, Limited.

The door of the private office opened abruptly and Javer appeared. He was a small fat man who was usually so excitable that he reminded Sanford of a lighted firecracker looking for some place to explode.

"We've got it—it's wonderful!" exclaimed Joseph James Javer. ''This is best inspiration—a new scent that will have every woman in town crazy. It's a bombshell, that's what it is. Come in both of you. I want your reactions."

He turned from the doorway and Joan and Sanford followed him back into the private office. Here five men and two women were gathered around a vial of perfume that stood corked on the big table. It was a tiny object indeed to create so much excitement.

"Bombshell!" muttered Javer. "That's what we'll call it....

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