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MERA! YOU SPACE gypsy! You've betrayed us, here in the Dante's Ridges of Ur-anus—the last outpost of man—"

I'll not forget her soon, standing there in the green rays of the twin moons, while above us, the blue ships of the jovians, like giant malignant crystals, edged over the jagged escarpments and began descending.

"They're looking for me," she had said simply. "I was to meet them here."

She didn't look like a traitress, For that matter, She didn't seem to "belong" in the hidden chem-laboratories, though that was where her cunning little mind had wrought seeming miracles. Her face was oval, sweet and enchanting like that of a sprite, with large blue eyes that melted my heart away every time she so much as looked at me. Even in the rugged garb of a fighting scout, her slender figure possessed an allure that was astonishing. For those same garments, on others, looked worn and ugly. A short kilt, a high breas...

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