War of the Marsh-Men can be found in

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By W. Malcolm White

NEW Chicago had been destroyed overnight! During the deep Venusian darkness—which lasted for twenty hours out of the strange planet's day of forty-great flares of crimson rocket trails had been seen coming from the south. Then, with terrible roaring and crashing, huge rockets loaded with high explosives had blown the small colonial city to pieces. The few survivors were able to give the direction the rockets had come from—but that was all they knew.

We of the interplanetary Patrol stationed on Earth's polar colonies on that cloudy hot planet heard of it as soon as we had returned from our latest mission. We had been far up beyond the stratosphere cruising slowly over the huge and eternal cloud-bank that covers the second planet. We were looking for I missing pleasure-plane, said to have been piloted by Verna Jenson, daughter of Governor-General Jenson of Earth's colonies.

Verna had left the day before to fly across the equatorial clouds to the South Pole Station. But she had never arrived. No word had been heard from her-hut that was not surprising, for radio waves do not easily penetrate the electric sta...

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