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Danse Macabre

By John Easterly
Author of "Corpse of the Jungle," "Mystery Knife," etc.

Rand Wade Invades a Spider-Mesh of Horror When Men Go Back to the Primeval Ooze!

BLACK darkness shrouded the old country road in dismal gloom. Rand Wade felt a warning of impending disaster sweep over him as he trudged along. There was something evil, even horrible, about the hot breathless hush of the summer night.

The low hum of a speeding auto came from behind him. He glanced back. The headlights cut a white swath through the darkness, revealing his figure as he stood waving for the speeding car to stop.

It was traveling fast and the man at the wheel made no attempt to decrease his speed. Wade had no chance to leap back out of the way. He flung himself down flat as the car came roaring at him. It passed over him, its wheels missing him by some miracle, the car's chassis brushing him like the wings of a bat. He aged ten years that one instant. Then the Juggernaut of death was gone like the wind, leaving ...

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