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DAN DUNN Secret Operative 48

A New Racket for Wu Fang

DAN DUNN is coming home."

To some, the news brought happiness; to others, consternation. Fresh from one of the most brilliant feats of his sensational career, the ace of the United States Secret Service was headed toward the West Coast. Behind him, at Honolulu, where they were securely confined within prison walls, he had left the remnants of the smuggling syndicate headed by the notorious Chinese criminal, Wu Fang. One task remained to make the job complete—to capture Wu Fang himself. Dan Dunn would not rest content until this task had been accomplished.

His good friends, Ann Vare and her little brother, Bobby, were informed of the secret operative's return by a radiogram from Dan Dunn himself. Said his message: "Meet me at San Fragel Tuesday. Tell Wolf I'm coming home." There was really no need of the second part of the radiogram, for Dan's faithful jDolice dog, Wolf, seemed to sense from the excitement going on about him that his master was on his way home.

Also informed of Dan Dunn's return was Wu Fang's first lieutenant, Fagan the gunman. The formality of a radiogram was not necessary to apprise this rascal of his enemy's approach. He got the news quickly enough through that mysterious grapevine telegraphic service which operates throughout the underworld. Already, down in the Chinatown section of San Fragel, Gunman Fagan was preparing a characteristic reception for the detective.

"I'm not going to trust any of you Chinks with this job," Fagan told Wu Fang's oriental henchmen. 'Tm going to do it myself. You get to work and shadow Dunn from the minute he lands. After you've found out where he's going to stay, leave the rest to me."

Dan Dunn had hardly arrived at the Gorce Hotel before Fagan was in possession of the fact. His preparations were simple: He loaded his revolver, disguised himself in the garb of an old woman and went to a public telephone. From there he called Dan.

"Hello, Mr. Dunn?" he asked in a disguised voice. "This is Jerry, from Chinatown. Remember me, don't you ? I'm the guy who helped you raid Wu Fang's joint here last month. Listen. Wu Fang is back in town. You can collar him easy. Come down to Fourth and Oak Streets. I'll lead you to his new hangout. Follow me. I'll be in an old woman's getup. Don't speak to me until we get there."

"There's something phoney about this," Dan told Ann Vare, "but I'm going to follow it through."

He left the hotel and went immediately to the street corner given him by telephone. Here he found the bogus old woman, who, on seeing him, started on a circuitous route through the back streets. Dan followed closely behind, his hand clutching the butt of his revolver in his pocket.

"I happen to know," he said to himself, "that Wu Fang is hiding out up in Canada at Edmonton, and so I'm going to take no chances with this fellow."

He kept his eyes on the skirted figure ahead of him, hoping that by some gesture or mannerism the man would give a clue to his identity. He was quite certain he was being led into some sort of trap, but was confident that he could shoot his way out. At last the mysterious figure turned into a dark alley. Dan crooked his finger on the trigger of his revolver.

"Here it comes," he told himself. "I wonder if he's got a gang waiting in there for me."

He turned into the narrow passageway. It was pitch dark and he had to pause to accustom his eyes to the gloom before he could perceive the person ahead of him. The alley proved a cul-de-sac, ending at a high board fence. The form in female attire halted at the fence. Dan could see him making a beckoning gesture.

"This is the place," the latter said in measured tones.

"What place?" asked Dan.

"The place where you get yours," the voice snarled.

Dan discerned a quick movement by the stranger. It was not quick enough, however, to effect its purpose, for Dan had whipped his revolver from his pocket and fired point blank into his unknown enemy. The latter's weapon flew harmlessly into the air and landed in the alley mud. With an agonized oath, the bogus old woman slumped to the earth. Dan bent over the prone figure, rolled it over and removed its hat and veil. He peered into the face.

"Fagan!" he muttered.

He put his hand inside the blouse and felt against the gunman's heart. Fagan was dead.

Dan acted quickly. He had no desire to be found here with Fagan's body. It would mean loss of time, and to Dan Dunn every minute was precious if he was to succeed in his ambition to find Wu Fang and take him prisoner. He returned at once to the hotel, regretfully bade Ann and Bobby Vare farewell and hastened with his dog Wolf to the San Fragel airport.

"Just in time," he said to Wolf as they reached the airport and heard the motors of the giant transport plane warming up.

Authorities of the air line agreed to hold the ship until Dan Dunn arranged the papers necessary to fly over the Canadian border. This was accomplished in quick order, and fifteen minutes later the detective and his canine companion were on their way to Edmonton.

At Edmonton, meanwhile, that wily master criminal Wu Fang was beginning to wonder why he had not heard from his always dependable emissary, Fagan.

"Odd indeed/' he was saying to Ace Bart. "Odd that I should not have heard from Fagan. He was to wire my agents the moment that man Dan Dunn had been wiped out. This delay is most inconvenient."

"Inconvenient!" grunted Ace Bart. "I'll say it's inconvenient. Looky here, Wu Fang, my mob's getting restless. They want to get started. We got a hundred grand in phoney dough ready to send out. And when we get rid of that, we'll turn out twice as much in the next batch. We got Hymie Herrmann making the stuff and he's the best in the racket. We want to get going."

"You are impatient, my friend,'* said Wu Fang. "Large projects require time. First we must be rid of Dan Dunn, then we can proceed with greater safety in what you call our 'racket'."

"O.K. I suppose we'll have to wait, but as soon as you get word from Fagan, let me know. I and the gang will be waiting at the hideout."

"You shall hear from me within a day or two," were Wu Fang's parting words.

At noon of the following day, Secret Operative Dunn and Wolf arrived at Edmonton. They went straight to the nearest barracks of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police. Here Dan introduced himself to the officer in charge.

"So you're Dan Dunn, eh?" the latter asked. "We've heard of j'ou, and I'm certainly glad to meet you. My name's Bannister."

"Bannister? Know L. D. Bannister of the Leaderville Express?"

"He's a cousin of mine."

"We're great friends."

"What can we do to help you, sir?" asked Bannister.

"I'm up here to get a Chinese dope smuggler named Wu Fang," Dan replied, "and of course I'll need your co-operation. I want to start after him in the morning."

"You know where he is?"

"I have a pretty good idea," answered Dan, reaching into his inside pocket and producing a paper. "This paper I got off the body of one of Wu Fang's gangsters named Fagan. I've studied it and figured it out as a map showing the location of the Chinaman's hideout."

Together they pored over the paper.

"I've got it. I see now," Bannister suddenly cried. "Sure, I know that place. It's about forty miles from here. I can lead you right to it."

"He'll probably fight extradition," the American said.

"Don't worry, Dan," the Canadian replied. "When we get him, we'll take him to the border, and I've got a good plan for extradition."

"I hope you have," Dan said.

Wings Over the Wilderness

While Detective Dunn and Officer Bannister were riding toward the hiding place of Wu Fang, that sly fellow paced his quarters in impatient unrest.

"This Fagan is causing me concern," he was muttering to himself. "Here we are on the threshold of a house of gold, and we await without, in expectation of a word from him. If I do not hear from him tomorrow that Dan Dunn has been removed, I shall proceed with Ace Bart and his counterfeiting' business, regardless of the accursed detective."

His thoughts were interrupted by the sudden appearance of one of his oriental henchmen.

"I come with news from Ho Ling, your servant at San Fragel," said the yellow man.

"And what is that news?" demanded Wu Fang.

"I regret to report, Master, that your servant, the white man Fagan, has failed in his mission."


"More than that, Master," the underling continued. "He is no more. He was killed during an attempt to lure the detective Dan Dunn to his death. His body was found in an alley arrayed in the clothes of an old woman. It is helieved by Ho Ling that he was killed by Dan Dunn himself."

"So," murmured Wu Fang, then shrugged his shoulders. "Then we proceed with Ace Bart and his men. We cannot afford to w'au longer. We shall tend to the accursed Dunn later."

How close he was at that moment to the subject of his remarks was of course unknown to the oriental gang leader. Dan Dunn and Bannister had arrived at the isolated hiding place of Wu Fang.

"This is it," announced the Roy-' al Mounted officer.

"Yes," answered Dan, "and we'll have to be careful. Wu Fang and his whole outfit are killers."

"Come on, let's rush the place," Bannister urged.

"Wait. What's that?" Dan cupped an ear in one hand.

"A plane," Bannister whispered. "What sort of business would bring a flyer 'way up here?"

"You don't know Wu Fang," Dan laughed. "He's likely to be up to any kind of business—so long as it's crooked. Let's wait until the flyer is inside the house, then rush the place and take the whole gang together."


They waited until the plane had landed and the operator had entered the cabin. By now dusk had descended upon the scene. Dan crept warily toward one side of the cabin while Bannister approached from the other side. Leaning against one corner of the building, rifle tucked under his right arm, stood a guard. Dan came up in back of him unheard. He tapped the man on the shoulder. The guard turned about to receive on his astonished jaw a terrific wallop from the butt of Dan's revolver. With a slight moan, the man sank to the ground.

Dan crept toward the cabin and peered through a window.

Inside he discerned two figures facing each other across a table. They were Wu Fang and the man who had come in the plane. Dan strained his ears to hear them.

"I have sent messages to my associates all over the States, telling them to be ready," he heard the oriental say. "You can instruct Ace Bart to deliver the counterfeit money to me here. Within twenty-four hours it will be released all over the country through a hundred channels.

"This Dan Dunn raided my headquarters in San Fragel and now news has come to me that my trusted white confederate has been slain," Wu Fang continued. "Fear nothing, however, for my organization is still practically intact Furthermore, I am planning to dispose of the detective Dan Dunn. My best hatchet men shall be assigned to the task."

Dan drew away from the window and skirted the cabin. On the other side he found Bannister, his revolver drawn for action.

"Let's wait until that plane pulls out," Dan whispered. "After he's gone, we'll rush in and take Wu Fang. He's in there and now's our chance."

They had not long to wait before Wu Fang's visitor zoomed off.

"0. K., Bannister, let's go," Dan said. "Have your gun ready."

He stepped up to the door and gave it several thumps. Then he stepped backward, his weapon trained on the spot where a head would appear when the door opened. The moments before the knob turned seemed interminable. At last the door opened, revealing one of Wu Fang's Chinese gangsters. Behind him Dan caught a glimpse of the master criminal himself.

"Throw up your hands, Wuj Fang!" Dan shouted. "One move and we'll start shooting!"

Wu Fang recoiled, a nasty expression of malevolence distorting his yellow face.

"Dan Dunn!" he snarled, unable to hide his surprise.

"In person," Dan asserted. "It all up with you, Wu Fang."

Quickly, the two raiders frisked the orientals for weapons, then handcuffed their hands behind them. They had scarcely a moment to spare, for the noise ...

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