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DAN DUNN Secret Operative 48
and the Zeppelin of Doom


Dan Dunn, Secret Operative 48, was on the trail of the Crime Master, Eviloff. This outlaw made use of all the facilities of modern science to accomplish his wicked designs.

The Crime Master's headquarters were on a secret island of which Dan Dunn knew the location. The detective was approach this island in a small sailboat.

Dan planned to land on the island about midnight, for if he came too close in daylight he would surely be spotted by Eviloff's lookouts.

Preparatory to landing, Dan carefully inspected his submachine gun. He had no wish to repeat the experience which had already earned him a severe head wound in an encounter with the Crime Master. Indeed, Dan still wore the bandages instead of a hat.

The gun was checked, and then Dan saw to it that his dynamite bombs were ready for use.

At that moment, he sighted an airplane approaching.

"Ah," he thought with satisfaction, "a navy plane flying out to check my position."

It was comforting to have the navy keeping an eye on him, for no one knew better than Dan Dunn that his lone mission was fraught with dire peril.

Steadily, bending under the stiff breeze, Dan's little boat neared the island headquarters of Eviloff, the Crime Master.

Meanwhile, to meet any eventuality, a mighty battleship was steaming toward the island. The captain was under orders to attempt the rescue of Secret Operative 48, who was almost certain to be at the mercy of Eviloff if his mission succeeded.

As the sun sank in the western sky, a faint blur on the horizon warned Dan that he was near Eviloff's island. Not long after that he could hear the waves breaking over threatening reefs. He would have to take it carefully, but with luck he ought to get through.

Dismissing all other thoughts, Dan Dunn guided his boat, steadily to the shore. High above the water, black in the night, rose the plateau of the island like the forbidding walls of a fortress.

Once the boat scraped against a rock, but no damage was done. In the next instant, Dan felt the craft slip into quiet water and he knew that he was safe—from drowning, at least.

On the narrow strand of shore below the rising wall of land, Dan beached his boat. Listening, he heard no sound. But he knew he must not be misled by that—the island was deadly, filled with any number of unknown dangers.

Putting a hand grenade in each pocket, slinging over his shoulder the bag containing the dynamite bombs, and carrying the submachine gun, Dan was prepared.

Feeling his way, he at last came upon a narrow path winding up the cliff. Climbing slowly, stealthily, Dan reached the top, and still he had heard no sound.

Crouching behind a low shrub, Dan looked around him cautiously. Against a tree he saw the din1 figure of a man.

"I must dispose of that guy without arousing anyone else " Dan told himself determinedly.

Softly taking off and laying down the bag of bombs, Dan approached the sentinel.

Before the man could cry a warning or give any alarm, Dan had acted. His right fist shot out and one small sound broke the stillness the dull thud of a clenched fist hitting solidly against a human jaw.

The man staggered backward to the edge of the plateau. On the edge he recovered sufficiently to strike back—but once more Han's fist shot out, and Dan's adversary toppled over the cliff to his doom!

Chapter II

The sentry out of the way, Dan Dunn advanced cautiously in the darkness, with submachine gun leveled.

He hoped to locate the power plant which made and supplied the electric current necessary to operate Eviloff's various devices for protection and defense. If he could destroy the powerhouse and the means of transportation, the Crime Master would be seriously handicapped if not actually put out of business.

Suddenly Dan heard voices approaching. He hid quickly. Two men passed, one of them Ivan Eviloff himself, wearing his official black hood.

But I tell you, Master, it was nothing," said his companion.

"Skarge," Eviloff replied, and Dan knew that the first speaker had been the Crime Master's lieutenant, "don't be so modest. You have assembled this great plant. When we have brought the world to our feet, you shall be properly rewarded!"

The two men passed on.

Dan Dunn thought that Eviloff must have been referring to the powerhouse, which apparently the two had just left. Sneaking closer, Dan found the building- was indeed the generating plant.

He must find a way in and place a couple of bombs where they would do the most damage.

Inside, Dan found that apparently no one was on duty. He found a spot underneath a giant generator to place his first bomb. The second one Dan placed effectively I under a huge dynamo.

Just as the fuse sputtered into hissing activity, a shadowy figure came from behind a great mass of machinery.

Lighted match in his hand, Dan heard the hurried footfalls behind him. He turned just as the man sprang at him. The two men were instantly locked in a desperate struggle for mastery.

But what concerned Dan fact that he must get his ant...

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