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Dan Dunn Secret Operative 48
On the Trail of Wu Fang


"I guess we sort of filled your jail, eh?" Dan Dunn said to the chief, after the capture of Eviloff and his desperate gang.

"Dan, you planned the capture of Eviloff and his crowd perfectly—we didn't fire a shot—what are you going to do now?"

"First, I must report to my chief—then I want to try to find where Wu Fang is," Dan replied. "He's dangerous and he'll cause a lot of trouble if he's not caught!"

"I'll put your call through!" said the chief, picking up the telephone.

In a short time Dan was connected with the chief of secret operatives, at Washington.

"Hello, Chief? Yes, we got the whole crowd—Wu Fang was with them but he got away—what's that? Aw—you don't want me to do that!"

Dan's voice was a bit disappointed.

"Yes, Dan, from now on you're going to work with a partner—you're too valuable to the department—we don't want you taking all those risks alone—that goes!" replied the chief.

Dan turned to the chief of police, as he replaced the telephone.

"Yeh, the chief says I'll have a partner—Hmph! I'd rather work alone—I can figure things out better that way!" he said.

"Yes, Dan, but two men harder to beat than one. Say, do you want to try to get that information out of Eviloff now—come on, maybe he'll tell us where Fang is!" said the chief.

The two men made their way to Eviloff's cell. Inside, Dan pointed an accusing finger at the master criminal.

"Now, Eviloff," he said, "tell us, where is Wu Fang? He double-crossed you, didn't he?"

"I will tell you nothing," Eviloff snarled, clenching his fist.

"It might go a little easier for you if you did. Your life of crime is over. We know you shot Judge Borland and other things you've done—come clean now," Dan said.

"No! You can prove nothing!" Eviloff exclaimed angrily.

"We can prove everything. You're a doomed man, Eviloff. No one can get away with crime, not even you, clever as you are. You're headed straight for the chair—get that? The chair!"

Dan's voice carried a world of emphasis.

"No! No!" Eviloff cried. "You don't really think they'll send to the chair?"

Genuine terror was now registered in the man's every feature.

"We've got the goods on you Eviloff," Dan replied. "Your murder of Borland was the most wanton thing I've ever encountered—you had no reason to do it!"

"But he put me in the insane asylum—I was not crazy!"

"You were adjudged insane by the courts—Borland had nothing to do with it! No, you're going to pay the price all murderers pay—you're going to the chair!" Dan exclaimed angrily.

Eviloff covered his eyes with his hand.

"No, I shall never do that!" We vowed in a tone of desperation.

"But you cap do something to try to make amends for your crimes," Dan said. "Tell me where Fang has gone!"

Dan thought he would take a shot in the dark. Wu Fang might have gone back to his old stamping grounds. Aloud he said:

"All right, never mind—we know where he is. I just wanted to see if you would help us. He's in San Fragel!"

"H-How did you know? I-I mean, he did not—No!" Eviloff stammered.

But the master criminal had given himself away.


"Hm-m—here comes a fellow, chief—wonder what he's in such a rush about?" Dan said, a few minutes after they had left Eviloff.

"He's carrying a suitcase—be from out of town!" the chief replied.

The stranger approached and addressed the chief of police.

"Good morning. I'm Irwin Higgs They sent me to help this Dan Dunn catch Eviloff—I'm a new secret operative!"

"Well, well, Irwin, I'm sure Dan will be glad to know you're here. But you're a bit late—Eviloff is in a cell now!" replied the chief chidingly.

"Oh, is that so?" asked Irwin "Well, well, I probably would have had him there weeks ago. Where's Dan Dunn stopping?"

At this juncture Dan himself stepped forward.

"Why, Irwin, at the Riggs Hotel Approach him carefully—you might be too much for him—this early in the morning!"

"Well, I'll go down and let him take a look at a REAL detective Irwin Higgs said, with a self-satisfied air.

With that he turned on his heels and breezed airily out the door.

A short time later Dan said:

"Well, I guess I'll have to be leaving you, chief—I'll take this great Irwin Higgs to San Fragel and see if I can get Wu Fang back where he belongs!"

"I'm afraid that Irwin is going to be a trial to you, Dan—here be comes now!"

Sure enough, Irwin Higgs was at that moment hurrying back through the door. An ugly look adorned his rotund face. He approached Dan, an accusing finger pointed toward the famous operative's chest.

"Say, wise guy," he said, "you said Dan Dunn was at the hotel—he ain't there at all!"

"He isn't?" questioned Dan, a twinkle in his eyes. "Well, did you get any clews to his whereabouts? Maybe he's hiding out on you Haven't you got a description of him?"

"Better'n that, fellow—I've got a picture of his homely mug right here!" Irwin Higgs said.

"Oh, you have—well you better take a good look at it!" Dan suggested.

Irwin reached into his inside coat pocket and brought forth a picture of Dan. When he glanced at it his; face turned red as a beet.

"Yes, I'm the ugly mug, Dan Dunn—the man you want, eh?" asked Dan, looking stern.

"Ah—er—I—that is—I'm r-r-reporting for d-duty, s-sir!"

Irwin stammered in his embarrassment.


"Good-bye, Chief. Don't be too hard on Eviloff and his gang," Dan said to the chief as he was leaving on his new assignment.

Don't worry, Dan—and don't let Irwin get lost!" the chief replied.

"You don't need to worry about me, nawsir! I'll be right then with Dan all the time, you bet!" exclaimed Irwin.

"That's what I'm afraid of, Irwin," Dan replied sarcastically.

"And believe me," Irwin said, when they were outside, "you can depend on me to the last ditch!"

That's fine, Irwin. Wu Fang is one of the best ditch diggers I know," Dan said. "I think I'll let you bring him in alone!"

Irwin's hat nearly popped off at this exclamation of Dan's. He had not figured on anything like that when he bragged about himself. But he said nothing.

"What town is this, Dan?" In win asked, some time later on this train.

"This is San Fragel, Irwin, and somewhere in it is Wu Fang, one of the most treacherous criminals that ever lived!" Dan replied.

The two men left the train when it pulled into the station.

"Will we start hunting for him right away?" Irwin asked as they walked away from the station.

Well, now, it might be a good idea to find a place to live first. Then you can go out and see if you can dig up some clews," Dan answered.

"Clews are important, aren't they?" Irwin asked.

I'll say so," Dan agreed. "Here's the hotel. I'll register under an assumed name—I don't want any one to know that I'm in town.

The two men entered the hotel When they were settled in their rooms, Dan said:

"There, we're all set. Now you can go out and see what you car find. And by the way, don t tell anyone your business!"

"You can depend on me, Dan. I might surprise you when I get back," Irwin replied.

"Be careful about that—my heart's not any too good and the shock might be fatal!" Dan exclaimed, a humorous twinkle in his eyes.

"Good-bye, then, I'll see you at five," Irwin said.

The two operatives separated. Irwin going on an inevitable wild-goose chase—Dan headed for the office of the supervising operative in charge of the San Fragel district.

"There! He's gone. I don't know why the chief had to fasten an amateur detective on me, but I'll keep him busy running around—then maybe I'll get some real work done," Dan told himself.

A few minutes later he entered the San Fragel headquarters.

"Hello, Tom. How are you!" Dan exclaimed warmly.

Why, Dan. It's great to see; you! We just got a confidential report that you'd arrested Eviloff! What are you here for?" the chief asked, extending his hand in greeting.

"Wu Fang is in San Fragel somewhere—I'm here to get him!" Dan replied, dropping into a chair beside the chief's desk.

"We got the report that he'd escaped from prison, but nothing more. How do you know he's here?" Tom asked.

We trapped Eviloff into telling Us that," Dan explained. "I want to see you at the hotel for dinner tonight—if I can get rid of my partner on this case. We'll soon see what we can do toward locating Wu Fang!"

"Fine! So you have a partner now, eh?" Tom asked.

"Yeah! And what a partner. He's a wow," Dan replied. "Green as grass."

That evening, Dan and Tom were seated at a table in the dining room of the hotel. Dan opened the conversation.

"The best thing will be to get in touch with Wa Sing—He's the Oriental merchant who helped me before when I was running Wu Fang down!" was Dan Dunn's first suggestion.

"That's a good idea, Dan! By the way, who's the fellow rushing over this way?" Tom asked, pointing toward the door of the dining room.

"That, Tom, is none other than the great Irwin Higgs—the aforesaid partner. The chief has made him my guardian and protector. I'll bet he has some great news for us!" Dan exclaimed ironically.

Irwin Higgs rushed up to their table. Excitement was apparent in every line of his face.

"Dan, Dan!" he cried, "I have a theory—where we can locate Wu Fang!"

"What? You have a theory already?" Dan asked, assumed consternation on his face.

"Yes, sir—I've been around looking for clews and found there's a big Chinatown here! Since Wu Fang is an Oriental my deduction is that that's where he'll be found. Irwin said.

His voice was as serious as it possibly could be.

"There, Tom, what do you think of that?" Dan asked with mock earnestness.

"Hmm—he is positively brilliant, Dan!" Tom answered slowly.


The following morning spoke to his ally.

"Irwin, I want you to stay here while I make a call—I may be able to find out something about Wu Fang."

"Gee, Dan, I'd like to go with you. Can't I?" the new operative asked.

"I'm afraid not," Dan answered. "These are old friends I'm calling on—and they might not give me info...

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