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Cecil R King

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Cecil R. King was a democratic congressman from the state of California from August 1942 (elected in a special election) to January 1969. He sat on the powerful Ways and Means Committee for twelve of his fourteen terms in office.


Speech Relevance

King is referenced specifically in Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine as having filled the void left by Congressman Aime Forand when Forand was not re-elected. King, partnered with Clinton Anderson sponsored the "King bill" which, according to Reagan, was a rehash of the Forand Bill.
Now Congressman Forand is no longer a Congressman of the United States government. He has been replaced, not in the particular assignment, but in his backing of such a bill by Congressman King of California. It is presented in the idea of a great emergency that millions of our senior citizens are unable to provide needed medical care. But this ignores the fact that in the last decade 127 million of our citizens, in just 10 years, have come under the protection of some form of privately owned medical or hospital insurance.


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