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Harvard University is a private "Ivy League" college in Massachusetts. It is one of the most expensive colleges in the world, with a yearly tuition in excess of $50,000. The school also has a multi-billion dollar endowment fund.


Speech Relevance

In 'A Time For Choosing' Reagan says:
We are now going to solve the dropout problem, juvenile delinquency, by re-instituting something like the old CCC camps, and we are going to put our young people in camps, but again we do some arithmetic, and we find that we are going to spend each year just on room and board for each young person that we help $4,700 a year! We can send them to Harvard for $2,700! Don't get me wrong. I'm not suggesting that Harvard is the answer to juvenile delinquency.
According to a 1963 article from the Harvard Crimson, tuition at the time was only $1520. Maybe Reagan was including books, boarding and a liberal alcohol budget.

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