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To Purchase Reagan Radio Commentaries

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Most of the Reagan Radio Commentaries are available for purchase through the Hoover Institution. Below is information about the process of making a purchase of the materials they have. My communications and, ultimately, purchase of several collections of audio, are from September through November of 2018, so things may have changed in the subsequent time.


Email Exchange Questions

Greetings from the Hoover Library & Archives, and thank you for your interest in our collection of Ronald Reagan Radio Commentary sound recordings. You can see a listing of the recordings we have digitized by going to the following URL on our digital collections page and clicking on "Items": We charge $5 for audio files that have already been digitized. If you find recordings of which you would like to order digital copies, please let me know and I can send you further instructions.

Making audio duplication requests is done through our online registration and request system, Aeon: After you place your requests and we receive payment, we upload the digital files to your Aeon account. You can then download them from there.

I compared the list of 83 recordings available from the Hoover Institute against the list in the back of the book "Reagan in His Own Hand" and it appears that there are 10 sets of recordings not presently available in a digital format (75-06, 75-14, 75-15, 75-17, 75-18, 75-21, 75-22, 76-09, 78-04 and 79-01). Are they not part of your collection or have they not been digitized yet? If they are not part of the collection, any idea where I might find them?
I might also note, you seem to have one set (75-24) which is not listed in the book. The catalog record does not include a list of the tracks, so I can't determine on my own why there is a discrepancy.
According to the finding aid, we have LP records of 75-01 through 75-05, 75-07 through 75-13, 75-16, 75-19 through 75-20, 75-24, 76-01 through 76-19, 77-20 through 77-24, 78-01 through 78-17. As you can see, 75-06, 75-14, 75-15, 75-17, 75-18, 75-21, 75-22 are all skipped as part of that list. That list does include 76-09 and 78-04. As for 79-01, I see it listed in the section of 10-inch open reel tapes. I will have to look into whether the ones that we do have are already digitized and just not on the digital collections site for some reason. The language in the finding aid suggests that we digitized all of the original recordings. As for the others that we do not have, I am not sure where they might be. I can check our files for further information, but it may be awhile before I am able to do so.

2. ...I was going to ask how to make Aeon requests, but I think I just found it (my trouble was finding the proper entries in your catalog system).
I don't see anything regarding the MP3s on this list of available materials. How would I go about requesting the MP3 collections? There are sound recordings on LPs, sound recordings on open reel tape and sound recordings on CDs.

Please follow these steps to submit a duplication order (note that Aeon is optimized for Firefox and Internet Explorer, so we recommend using one of these as your browser for this process):

  1. Go to the Online Archive of California record for the collection,, and click the grey Request items button
  2. Scroll down to the "Program list of Viewpoint and Ronald Reagan Radio Commentary 1975-1979" section and select the checkboxes next to the programs you are interested in
  3. Scroll down to the Schedule Use section, and select the button for Duplication Order
  4. In the Description of Item requested field, enter the program number (e.g., 76-09)
  5. From the Item Type dropdown menu, select Audio
  6. From the Duplication Format dropdown menu, select Low resolution copy – Digital file
  7. Read the Audio-Visual Agreement linked in the second-to-last paragraph,, and if you agree to the conditions described, select the checkbox that appears next to the paragraph
  8. At the bottom of the page, click the Submit Request button.

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