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Nova Radist Stala (Joyous News Has Come to Us)

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Nova Radist Stala is a Ukrainian Christmas carol which was rewritten by the Soviet Union. Reagan highlighted the carol and its rewrites in one of his radio commentaries in 1978.

Original Song First Rewrite Second Rewrite
The joyous news has come
Which never was before
Over a cave above a manger
A bright star has lit the world,
Where Jesus was born from a virgin maiden
Clad in raiment poor
Like a peasant baby.
The shepherds with a lamb
Surrounded the child,
And on flected knees
They him glorified
We beg you, our King
We pray to you today
Grant happiness and joy
To this family.
The joyous news has come
which never was before
A red star with five tails
Has brightly lit the world
The Altars have crumbled
And all the Kings have fallen.
Glory to the working people
To shepherds and the ploughman!
Glory to our host
And to his fair hostess!
May all their family
Especially the Children
Grow up to be strong and happy
So's to fight the rich men.
The joyous news has come
Which never was before
Long-awaited star of freedom
Lit the skies in October1.
Where formerly lived the Kings
And had the roots their nobles,
There today with simple folks
Lenin’s glory hovers.
1: The Russian Revolution of 1917 began in October, hence the mention of that month, rather than December.

After sharing the three versions, Reagan then explains that there is an additional verse added to the Soviet ones, but it is ONLY sung, never written down:
We beg you our Lord,
We pray to you today
Grant us freedom, return glory
To our mother Ukraine.

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