Foot-in-the-door legislation

Reagan actually described it fine himself...


Speech Relevance

This concept is throughout 'Encroaching Control':
Get any part of a proposed government program enacted into law and then, with the principle of government participation in that field established, work particularly during each election year to expand that to the ultimate aim that one day government must become a big brother to us all. Traditionally, one of the methods first used in imposing statism on a people has been government paid medical care.
Reagan is telling us something of how big-government politicians operate. They may have large plans for sweeping legislation, but they are willing to put something small in place so that they can grow the size of that legislation later. This allegation is backed up by a recent quote from Senator Tom Harkin, Democrat from Iowa regarding the passage of President Barack Obama's sweeping health care legislation.
"What we are buying here is a modest home, not a mansion. What we are getting here is a starter home. It's got a good foundation: 30 million Americans are covered. It's got a good roof: A lot of protections from abuses by insurance companies. It's got a lot of nice stuff in there for prevention and wellness. But, we can build additions as we go along in the future. It is a starter home. Think about it in that way."