The Kremlin is the name given to the Moscow building complex which held the Russian/Soviet Union Presidency. Sometimes the term may be used to refer to the government in general (in the same way one might refer to the 'White House' and mean the government of the United States). Generically, a kremlin is actually any major fortified complex found in a Russian city. Many cities, therefore, have kremlins.


Speech Relevance

The Kremlin is referred to one time, in 'Encroaching Control'.
Only in one phase, the one we fear most, are we ahead in this conflict and that is, if the communists should resort to armed force. Thanks to the dedicated patriotism and realistic thinking of our men in uniform, we would win the shooting war. But this isn't too disturbing to the men in the Kremlin because they actually only counted on armed conflict in one eventuality. By their own words, they said, if the Americans should stupidly yield to a massive peace offensive and submit to disarmament and we could shortcut our regular program, our strategy, with armed conflict that would be of no risk to ourselves then we would resort to force.


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