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Tiffany and Company

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Tiffany and Company is a world renowned seller of fine goods, known primarily for their jewelry.

As it pertains to Ronald Reagan, during the 1970s, while Reagan was doing his radio commentaries, Tiffany's, under the direction of its Chairman Walter Hoving, would use its advertising space, in particular its Page 3 New York Times ad space, for the purpose of posting political commentary.

In a 1975 broadcast, Reagan shares the entire advertisement, in this case, an 8-item list of what was causing the inflation of the mid-1970s. After a significant amount of searching, we were able to find this and several examples of these Tiffany's advertisements.

The Tiffany ad in question is called "Is Inflation the Real Problem?" According to the book Reagan's Path to Victory, it appeared in the October 17th 1974 New York Times. (An article from the Boston Globe on October 30, 1974 claimed it had appeared "11 days ago".

In 1976, the New York Times interviewed Hoving about a number of topics, including (at the time) his 4 "common sense economic ads."

Audio of this Radio Broadcast is available now on YouTube.


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