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The ghostly story of the floating "devil's islands" that were the prison ships of the 18th Century

BURIED deep in the pages of the not-too-ancient history of supposedly civilized peoples can be found this very vivid descriptive passage:

"Dr. Ullathome visited the ship to prepare some oi the condemned men for the death that awaited them. He went into the crowded cell to announce his mission and read the names of those who were finally adjudged to die. One by one the condemned men tell upon their knees as their names were read out for death and deliberately and calmly thanked God that the gallows was about to deliver them from that horrible and unspeakable place."

Inspiring a dread so great that men could prefer death to life, the British prison ships in use during the nineteenth century were a blot on the history of mankind. Indirectly the American Revolutionary War was to bl...

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