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Published in the interests of finer literature
H. P. Lovecraft, Editor and Publisher
Member, National Amateur Press Association

Forty-Sixth Anniversary Issue

Vol. 47 August 20, 1936 No. 1


I never can be tied to raw, new things,
For I first saw the light in an old town,
Where from my window huddled roofs sloped down
To a quaint harbor rich with visionings.
Streets with carved doorways where the sunset beams
Flooded old fanlights and small window-panes,
And Georgian steeples topped with gilded vans—
These were the sights that shaped my childhood dreams.
Such treasures left from times of cautious leaven,
Cannot but loose the hold of flimsier wraiths
That flit with shifting ways and muddled faiths
Across the changeless walls of earth and heaven.
They cut the moment's thongs and leave me free
To stand alone before eternity.

- - H. P. Lovecraft

Printed with the deep gratitude and best wishes of Wilson Shepherd and Donald A. Wollheim.