Barrier can be found in Magazine Entry

Naturally, occupying the first manned rockets into space will be a man's job...



MIKE SAID, "I'm moving her out another ten."

"Check." The small red-headed physiologist didn't look up from the long row of indicators.

The red needle on the altimeter swung slowly to the right as the range-finders tracked the rising rocket. Mike made a quick adjustment on the control board and then leaned back in his chair and fished out a cigarette. "Let me know when you've finished checking your little beasties and I'll move her out again."

The physiologist nodded and went on checking the Wavy lines the styluses were inking on the slowly-revolving recording drums. There were fifty recorders in the control center, one for each of the laboratory animals carried in the remote-controlled rocket. Without conscious thought, trained eyes translated each of the inked lines into respiration-rate, pulse-rate, blood-pressure—into each of the score of items that described how the l...

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