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Obie Jones just didn't seem to understand that there were certain matters to which the police were expected to keep their eyes closed, tightly.

Attention to Trifles

by Tom Thursday

OBIE JONES joined the emergency force the day after the murders of Special Officer Frank Hammond and John Bailey, a taxi-driver. The regulars got a big giggle out of most of the wartime emergency cops, especially hicks like Obie Jones. He was from Redsoil, Georgia, hardly a whistle-stop compared to Ami City. A slight limp in the left leg had planted him in the 4-F field. He had got the limp while running a tractor back on the farm.

According to city standards Obie was a sap of saps, but he was honest and shot square from all angles. Such qualities, unfortunately, were not too much in demand by all members of the force.

"Some of them new cops," said Traffic Officer Pete Malloy, "are much better than a movie. No foolin', if they saw Jesse James and John Dillinger comin' out of the First National bank they would help 'em carry the bags."

"You said it," agreed Squad Carman Joe Bunch, who never passed a fruit stand without grabbing samples. "Specially that new plow-pusher, Obie Jones. You know what, Pete? The dope is goin' around his beat with a copy of the city ordinances under his arm. And he's studyin' them all the time. Haw!"

Obie took all the joshing, some cruel, a little good-natured, with calmness and a quiet grin. He had made up his mind to be a good cop and do his best to see that laws were enforced.

During the first week that Obie Jones was on the force he got his name in the papers. Mayor Zane Hooker had two pet dogs, full-grown snappish boxers. They had a coy habit of taking nips out of the legs of passing citizens. Not that they were hungry; it was their canine conception of fun and amusement. On more than one occasion the mayor's unsocial dogs were called to ...

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