The Man Who Stopped the Earth can be found in Magazine Entry

Amazing Stories, March 1934

The Man Who Stopped the Earth


This story, by one of the recent acquisitions to what we may call our staff of authors, is very short,
but will be enjoyed greatly by our readers. There is much art in the production of a very short
story to make it a true narration and bring it to a crisp ending. Our author has certainly
succeeded in keeping up what used to be called the unities and brings about a good climax

SOLEMNLY the three grey-bearded old men filed through the door into the dim interior of the laboratory. The grim lines on their faces did not relax as they gathered around the amazing combination of coils, wires, motors, tanks and tubes that filled the large room in studied disorder. The bluish glow from a mercury vapor lamp illuminated the meter dials on the dull black switchboard and cast a weird tint over the wrinkled faces of the three scientists. A musty odor, that might have come from a newly opened tomb, hung like a blanket of death over the scene.

As his stooped frame bent low over the galvanometer of the electron gun Markrum said:

"There is much danger, Rizzurt, in performing the Great Experiment."

The man he addressed pushed his long hawk- like features close to Markrum's face. His eyes were alive with a thousand pinpoints of fire and his sallow skin reddened into an angry flush.

"Did I ...

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