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Dan Dunn's vacation was beginning to be a joke at Headquarters. Off and on for weeks the stalwart operative had been declaiming: "Tomorrow I start my vacation!"

But each time, before the next day's sun, something big had broken. Each time Dan had been thrust into the thick of some gravely important case.

Kay, sweet, blue-eyed and blond, insisted that Dan take a much needed rest.

"They'll get on without you. Dan," she reasoned. "They'll have to, that's all! You're no child! Can't you see you need to relax?"

It amounted almost to a scolding and Kay was one of the few who dared to scold Dan Dunn.

Well, Dan Dunn was relaxing now, whether he chose to or not. His head was swathed in bandages and he lay propped up on the plump pillows which the Mercy Hospital provided for its patients. The spy business had been bad but Dan had seen it through. The ringleader was safe behind the bars—but putting him there had put Dan in the hospital.

Kay bent over him solicitously.

"Oh, Dan!" she cried. "I got here just as soon as I could! Irwin wired me!"

"Good old Irwin!" Dan thought and grinned. His round-faced assistant had a way with detail.

Kay sat at his bedside.

"Now, listen, Dan," she said seriously, "you must take your vacation—"

Dan raised himself up higher.

"Okay," he said. "You plan the thing. I'll be out of the hospital in a couple of days and we'll leave!"

Kay was all smiles as she walked out the door. Dan was smiling, too. It was good to think of a little rest after what he had been through and it was good to have Kay looking after him as she always did.

But Dan's vacation plans went awry. The day he left the hospital the Northwest National Bank was robbed!

It was a job which showed unusually clever, albeit criminal, brain work. Two weeks after the hold-up Dan had apprehende...

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