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The Eight Surprises

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The Eight Surprises is an essay written by Dr. John J. McKetta. The essay was reprinted in the Congressional Record twice. According to Weather modification: programs, problems, policy, and potential page 173, The Eight Surprises was originally an address to the American Trucking Association October 16, 1974.

Reagan used some of the contents of the essay on three of his Radio Commentaries in late 1975.

The Eight Surprises are:
  1. Is Oxygen Disappearing?
  2. Carbon Monoxide Will Kill Us All!
  3. Oxides of Nitrogen Will Choke Us
  4. The Death of Lake Erie
  5. DDT is the Worst Thing That Has Happened To Us
  6. We're Killing to Many Species
  7. Man is the Real Polluter
  8. We're Going to Live



The Eight Surprises

Congressional documents, 1975 PDF Pages 35-38

Congressional documents, 1976 PDF Pages 19-21

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