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Shortly after leaving the governorship of California, Reagan was approached about doing a short-form radio program, 3-4 minutes per day, 5 days per week. He recorded these shows from 1975 until 1979, with a break of roughly 9 months in 1976 while he challenged President Gerald Ford for nomination as the Republican candidate for President in the 1976 election.

Early on in their broadcast history, they were called "Viewpoint with Ronald Reagan" but later called the "Reagan Radio Commentary".

Several hundred of the commentaries were produced during the time, with wide ranging topics, foreign and domestic, political and popular culture.

A selection of these commentaries can be heard in the audiobook "Reagan In His Own Voice" and can be read in "Reagan In His Own Hand," "Reagan's Path to Victory" and "Stories In His Own Hand."

Portions of both books are available via Google Books.

Reagan's hand-written notes and records of the commentaries can be found at the Stanford's Hoover Institution.

November 2018: Your humble administrator has begun slowly purchasing MP3s of the recordings available from the Hoover Institute to continue his research. Descriptions of the broadcasts will be made available as they they are listened to.

December 2018: Apparently, Hoover Institute has a cap on how much of the collection may be purchased. I was told via email it is 10%, but they allowed my last order to go through and I ended up with about 22%. It will have to do. As a result, I have copies of broadcasts from the following batch numbers:

75-01, 75-02, 75-03, 75-04, 75-05, 75-07, 75-08, 75-09, 75-10, 75-11, 75-12, 75-16, 75-20, 76-02 76-05, 77-23, 77-24, 78-11

Plus all broadcasts included in Reagan In His Own Voice and 21 recordings included on the disk included with Reagan's Path to Victory.

As you browse the lists on the below year-by-year breakdowns, the batch number of recordings I have are italicized. If you know were I can find broadcasts which I do not have, please contact me via Youtube.

On February 23, 2020, author Paul Batura wrote an article for entitled Ronald Reagan warned us about Bernie Sanders – over 40 years ago in which he referenced the Radio Commentaries, specifically Socialism (76-06 and repeated 77-23) and Freedom (77-22). I reached out on Twitter to thank him.

Just found: Dean's Place, September 1975 Mr. and Mrs. Reagan appear and Reagan talks about having a new radio show.



In 1975, Reagan produced 21 collections containing 215 recordings.



In 1976, Reagan produced 7 collections containing 102 recordings.

Reagan left the air between November 20, 1975 and August of 1976 while he campaigned for President against Gerald Ford. Ford would ultimately defeat Reagan in the primary process, but lose to Jimmy Carter in the general election.



In 1977, Reagan produced 17 collections containing 177 recordings.



In 1978, Reagan produced 16 collections containing 256 recordings.



In 1979, Reagan produced 15 collections containing 218 recordings.

In the book Reagan, In His Own Hand, Reagan's last broadcast is dated on October 25, 1979 as he states that, "You'll understand tomorrow why I can no longer bring you these commentaries" and he would later make his announcement that he would run for President again in 1980.

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