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Viewpoint with Ronald Reagan of 1976

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Broadcast Name Batch Number Description
Convention #176-01         Having been gone on the campaign trail for roughly 9 months, Reagan talks about his experiences on the road and, not his disappointment, but the disappointment of his supporters who felt "they hadn't done enough."
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 235
Platforms A76-01
Platforms B76-01
Platforms C76-01
Panama Canal76-01
Getting Back at the Bureaucrats A76-01
Getting Back at the Bureaucrats B76-01
Congress' Automatic Pay Raise76-01
Women's March76-01
Shaping the World for 100 Years to Come76-01Starting with a story about writing a letter for a Los Angeles time capsule, Reagan begins to think ahead, and realizes that whatever he writes, the people who open that capsule will be living in the world his generation has shaped for them. "If we don't keep our rendezvous with dstiny, the letter probably will never be read, because they will live in the world we left them, a world in which no one is allowed to read of individual liberty of freedom of choice."
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 9
Tax Reform76-01
The Median in the Message76-02
Panama's Press76-02
Mao's China76-02
About the Press76-02Reagan on the campaign trail. While they watched him for the newspapers, Reagan watched the press that surrounded him on the planes and busses. He saw them stress over deadlines or cut stories and tired after long days visiting upwards of 12 towns a day.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 247
Education (A)76-02Reagan shares a short article from Newsweek magazine August 30, 1976. Written by Mara Wolynski, a 24-year-old woman who had been sent through a "permissive education" up through 8th grade. She found herself woefully unready when it came time for her to attend high school, and later, college.

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Education (B)76-02As mentioned, education seems to be failing. What's the answer? The NEA says more Federal money. Reagan takes a look. Why are costs up, is it just inflation? No. There's been an increase in employees... non-teaching employees and administrators. That's where the money is going. So, if the issue might not be money. Could it be the method of teaching? You know, the old way worked well enough for all the adults now. Why is it no longer good for the students?
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 344

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Herman Kahn, Futurist76-02Reagan speaks about some predictions from Herman Kahn a physicist and futurist. He had just been the subject of a cover story in New York magazine and recently released a book The Next 200 Years which Reagan talks about.
Paperwork and Bureaucrats76-02Regulation has created some so much paperwork for the government, you can't help but wonder what they can do with it. Among several stories shared, we heard about a medical company seeking to bring a new arthritis medicine to the market submitting an application that was 120,000 pages long. Oh, wait, no, they had to submit it in triplicate. They had to send the government 360,000 pages.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 295
Institute for Contemporary Studies76-02
Humphrey-Hawkins Bill (Jobs A)76-02 A failed bill, the "Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act", aka the Humphrey/Javits bill has reappeared as the Humphrey/Hawkins bill. It would call upon the president to take actions to achieve, you guessed it, full employment and balanced growth. What it actually would do, is give the government more methods to plan your life for you.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 265 (Jobs B only)

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Humphrey-Hawkins Bill (Jobs B)76-02
FORBES on "full" Employment76-02
President Coolidge76-02
Nuclear Wastes76-02There's a plan that will allow for the use of nuclear waste to be used in the production of livestock food.
The Hope of Mankind76-02One of Reagan's "feel-good" broadcasts. As he states: "At times it has seemed as if the symbol of American power has become our departing ambassador, flag under his arm boarding a rescue helicopter." But we really need to remember that there's a lot more to America, and most of it is good. Reading from a July 5, 1976 editorial written by Ferdinand Mount for the British Daily Mail, he says: "What the world needs is more Americans. The U.S. is the 1st nation on earth deliberately dedicated to letting people choose what they want and giving them a chance to get it. For all its terribly faults, in one sense American still is the last, best hope of mankind, because it spells out so vividly the kind of happiness which most people actually want, regardless of what they are told they ought to want. We criticize, copy, patronize, idolize, insult but we never doubt that the U.S. has a unique position in the history of human hopes. For it is the only nation founded on a moral dream. A part of our own future is tied up in it and the greatest of all the gifts the Americans have give us is hope."
Also included are portions of a letter written by Janina Atkins, a Polish immigrant.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 224

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The Ford Strike76-03
Election Day, 276-03
Reporters, Sources, and Laws76-03
The Fate of 14 (b)76-03
The Speedy Trial Act76-03
Running Fence76-03
"Bread Machine" and Janeway76-03
Soviet TV and America76-03
Government Forms76-03
Milton Friedman #176-03
Milton Friedman #276-03
Sweden 176-03
Sweden 276-03
Diamond Lanes76-04
Tax Reform I76-04
Tax Reform II76-04
Hoover's America Plan76-04
Freedom Train76-04For the bicentennial, the Freedom Train is traveling the country, carrying its own museum of America's past 200 years. Reagan tells us who is running it and includes some short stories about the popularity of the train.
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 230
Katyn Forest76-04A memorial has been dedicated for the members of the Polish Army that died at the hands of the Soviet Army in 1940. After much work getting British government approval, it now resides in a cemetery in London.
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 31
Big Government and the Cities76-04
San Francisco76-04
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 406
Berkeley's Street Tax76-04
The Politics of the Federal Government76-04
The Alaska Gas Pipeline76-04
The Communes76-04In "The Children of the Counter-Culture" John Rothchild and Susan Wolf visit communes to learn how the now grown counter-culture generation is raising their children. It paints an interesting picture to say the least.
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
New Directions76-04
Centralized Planning76-05
Bureaucrats Revisited76-05
Inflation and the Property Tax I76-05
Inflation and the Property Tax II76-05
Land Use Planning76-05
Education I76-05Reagan shares a few stories from the news about the state of education. The impetus being a St. Louis interview of a 20-year old who had gone from Kindergarten through 12-grade and graduated, but is functionally illiterate. How? The schools aren't teaching. The new methods being used aren't doing the job.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 342
Education II76-05
Campaign Reminiscence76-05
Citizen's Choice76-05
Red Hen76-05With some slight tweaks, Reagan turns a classic children's fable into a lesson on economics. You can Listen Here.
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 262
Government Cost I76-05
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 270 (Part II only)
Government Cost II76-05
Solar Energy76-05
Britain76-05Great Britain has taken a bad economic turn with its nationalization of business. Reagan goes into the details, but he also shares the words of an unlikely source: then current Prime Minister James Callaghan had some choice words for his own party about the "success" of their policies.

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Unemployment and Inflation I76-06
Unemployment and Inflation II76-06
Unemployment and Inflation III76-06
Unemployment and Inflation IV76-06
Unemployment and Inflation V76-06
Cuba76-06Castro vs. a Panamanian banker as written by William Buckley in National Review magazine. As Reagan tells it, the banker got the better of Castro every time.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 195
United Nations76-06The United Nations have a plan. For what? Oh, just now every nation on Earth should be using its land. That's not too arrogant of a statement, is it? It was the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements: Habitat
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 164
Vietnam I76-06Reagan's perturbed that North Vietnam is violating the terms of war's end. In this particular case, he's talking about the agreement regarding our missing in action soldiers. North Vietnam had originally agreed to assist, but now, the negotiators are demanding reparations. They want money, potentially billions, of dollars to rebuild. Reagan also takes to task several Los Angeles Times editorials about the United States vetoing Vietnam's entry into the United Nations.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 50
Vietnam II76-06On top of the issues concerning North Vietnam's failure to abide by the terms of the Paris Peace Accords, the United States is vetoing their application to join the United Nations. We're taking a beating on the world stage for the stance. Reagan points out that its only the United Nations Charter that we're going on as justification of the veto. The United States would drop its opposition in 1977.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 134
Child Services Act76-06
Soviet Visas76-06While the Helsinki Accords gave Soviet citizens the right to obtain an exit visa, that didn't mean the Soviet government makes the process easy. Reagan tells the story of "Ida Nubel" (Ida Nudel).
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 144
Human Rights Double Standard76-06
Postal Profits76-07
Special Parents; Special Kids76-07
Update on Social Security76-07
Crime I76-07
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 401
Crime II76-07
America's Strength76-07Reagan decides to flip things around and, instead of talking about how government is messing things up, he points out that we shouldn't necessarily "throw the baby out with the bathwater" so we are presented with some quick stats about how good things are in the United States.
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 12
Crime and Poverty76-07
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 400
Public Broadcasting76-07Apparently, the perception is that public broadcasting is paid for by the contributions, just as people might support a symphony, opera or ballet. Don't you believe it. 70% of their funding comes from tax payer's dollars. But what they gain from a taxpayer backstop, they lose in terms of viewer quality control. If no one watches a show on commercial TV, it goes away due to not being profitable. Public broadcasting doesn't have the same benefit.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 250
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 390
The Family and Other Living Things76-07
Milton Friedman and Chile76-07
South Vietnamese Boat People76-07
New Hampshire and Vermont76-07
Memo to a Liberal76-07
Planned Economy76-?

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