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Broadcast Name Batch Number Description
Strategic Stockpiles76-08        
Farewell Speeches76-08General George J. Keegan Jr., former head of Air Force Intelligence, has some dire warnings about the state of the Soviet Union's military. If war should come, they lead us militarily and could easily save much of its population from our own nuclear strikes.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 64
Campaign Law Violated?76-08
People Power76-08
Tax Limit76-08
Televisions and Profits76-08
Health Care76-08
Rapid Transit76-08Rapid Transit (trains, subways, etc.) are being held up as the answer to pollution and congestion. But, is it worth the costs involved? The Washington "Metro" is one such development, promising 100 miles of track for $2.5 billion. Trouble is, its behind schedule, doubled in price and only 4.5 miles of track are open.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 307
Junk Food76-08
Building Codes76-08
More About OHSA76-08
The Real China?76-09
Capital Gains76-09
More About Taxes76-09A bill now in Congress, HR 967, would destroy the family farms and small businesses. It would add a Capital Gains Tax on top of the Estate Tax which so often causes headaches for the survivors of a passing parent. It may not have been so problematic a few years ago, but inflation has caused the "value" of the inherited assets to balloon.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 271
Postcard Registration76-09States are beginning to adopting postcard voter registration, claiming that low voter turnout is due to overly complicated registration. Reagan points out that less people are now registered under this new rule in California, than 5 years previous. Postcard registration simply makes fraud too easy. He cites a woman who sent in 108 applications, with addresses from city parks, vacant lots and abandoned warehouses.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 244
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 391
Tom Wolfe's New Book76-09
Torrijos, Human Rights and Money Lenders76-09
Civil Service76-09The design of the Civil Service can make it difficult to remove incompetent workers. While there is the advantage of ending a political spoils system, it also means there is very little incentive to make sure the best and brightest continue to be so.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 237
Rhodesia76-09The 1970s was a time of European powers severing their ties with former African colonies. Rhodesia, a former British colony and now known as Zimbabwe, is one that had some difficulty in its transition. There are concerns that the whole south of Africa could come under the influence of Russia.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 179
Minimum Wage76-10
Taxes I76-10Reagan uses 3 broadcasts to tell the story of an income-tax payer challenging the IRS over deductions he had taken. The case went up to the Supreme Court.
Taxes III available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 281
Taxes II76-10
Taxes III76-10
Agriculture Day76-10
Update on Cuba76-10
Cuba II76-10
Added Inflation76-10
Census76-10The census has one Constitutional function, to get an accurate count of people in each state so that members of the House of Representatives can be apportioned out every ten years. Yet, the Census has turned into a datamining operation, digging deep into the lives of its citizens, which Reagan found to be wholly unnecessary.
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 239

On Youtube
Sports and Religion76-10
Free Press and Property Rights76-10
Economic Plan76-11
Equal Rights Amendment76-11
Intelligence76-11While we practice detente honorably, how does the Soviet Union feel about it? Maybe our Intelligence organizations should have told us about a 1973 speech from Brezhnev in which he states how much they can improve their position. It took a report from British Intelligence, published in the Boston Globe, for this speech to come to light.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 117
National Review76-11
Chile I76-11
Chile II76-11
Chile III76-11
Labor76-11Recent election laws have done little to end influence buying. Union management is mobilizing to give millions of dollars to political funds. They even plan to make it part of their collective bargaining agreements with employers
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 245
Murphy's Law76-11
Day Care Centers76-11
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 377
Argo Merchant76-11
Government By the People76-11
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Capital Punishment76-12
Electoral College76-12Politicians hate the Electoral College, which is probably the best reason to keep it around. Without it, presidential candidates could ignore the fly-over states.
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 242

On Youtube
Brezhnev76-12In a March 1977 speech, Brezhnev suggest that Israel needs to return the land it captured in the 6-Day War. He claims to be arguing over "the impermissibility of acquisition of territory by war." Reagan then points out the hypocrisy of the statement.
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 212
Coal Tar76-12
Human Rights76-12The United Nations Genocide Convention is something we should all believe in, and Reagan was on board with the mission, but there are some provisions within it that he has some issues with, specifically regarding the World Court. He did not want a UN system which overrode or superceded our own Constitution or state laws.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 165
Recycled Theater76-12
Environment76-12Is it capitalism or government that is more to blame for destroying the environment? In the early days, yes, capitalism and the free market were an issue, but they have gotten much better. But consider than the biggest polluter of San Francisco Bay is the city sewer system. Consider that Russians seldom use more than 1/3 of the catch of their fishing trawlers.
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 326
Education and Religion76-12In discussing the decision which removed prayer and God from the public school classroom, Reagan enters into the debate of the "separation of church and state." He also questions why some religious references are ok, other are not.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 359
Miranda76-12The Miranda Warning ensures that a criminal suspect has the right to remain silent and to legal counsel. In 1977, the case involving the kidnap and murder of Pamela Powers brought further revision to the proper use of the warming.
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Student Letter76-12
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
A Renewable Source76-13
Cuba and Africa76-13WHile the U.S. press is talking about normalized relations with Cuba and basketball games between a Cuban all-star team and the University of South Dakota, Castro is touring African countries. What a coincidence, so it Soviet President Nikolay Podgorny. I wonder if they ran into each other? Must be a coincidence that Cuban troops with Russian weapons crossed the border of Angola into Zaire too.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 183
Kidco76-13In a story that starts with 3 children who decide to use manure from a nearby farm to fertilize a local golf course, you'd hardly expect to hear that Reagan would get involved, but when the government of California goes after the kids for tax evasion, failure to obtain the proper permits and several other regulatory offenses, it gets amusing. The story was later turned into a comedy film called, appropriately Kidco.
Keng Piao76-13Reagan comments on a speech given by Keng Piao, director of the Department for Foreign Liaison, regarding relations between China, Russia and the United States. Let's just say, they're playing both sides.
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 35

On Youtube
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 399
Drugs and the FDA76-13 Can you define "effective?" Is it important that a drug is effective? Is it the government's job to determine if a drug is effective? How many drugs have been rejected for sale in the United States because the FDA doesn't consider them "effective?" Reagan mentions the West Germany Thalidomide disaster of the late 50s/early 60s.
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 297

On Youtube
Lord Chalfont76-13
Recycled Streamliner76-13
Strategy I76-13In 1975, NCS-68 was declassified and paints a picture of the Soviet Union rather different from the one the public may have been familiar with. It was opposed to detente and containment. The impetus for discussing it, now 2 years later, is a report coming from the group ImageAmerican Cause which has similar opinions.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 110-113
Strategy II76-13
Bill Niehouse76-13
Postcard Registration76-13
Korea76-14General John Singlaub is currently awaiting reassignment. Why? He made "public statements inconsistent with announced national security policy" which in this case means he disagreed with the president on the removal of troops from South Korea. In a later broadcast (Korea, 78-02), we learn that he was right and troops should not be withdrawn.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 66
Voting76-14President Carter is supporting a bill currently going through Congress which would create "instant voter eligibility" at the polls on the day of the election. All that would be required is a driver's license, Social Security card or other identification. Proponents of the bill say it will not increase voter fraud. Reagan reminds us of numerous incidents of fraud in the last few years which would prove them wrong. Even the head of the Chicago Election Board is against it.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 241
Public Servants76-14Four years before he famously fired striking air traffic controllers in August of 1981, Reagan spoke forcefully about the right of public employees to strike. Public employees aren't striking against the government, they are striking against the citizens. Reagan also points out that you can't look up alternatives to the police or fire department in the yellow pages if your house is on fire.
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 298
Cuba - Trouble in Paradise76-14
National Review76-14
Cambodia I76-14 Reagan shares details about the Communist takeover of Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot as it is outlined in the 1977 book Murder of a Gentle Land: The Untold Story of Communist Genocide in Cambodia. Hundreds of refugees were interviewed for the book, telling their stories of the forced evacuation of Phnom Penh and wholesale murder, with a goal of returned to an agrarian society.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 36-41
Cambodia II76-14
Cambodia III76-14
Soviet Workers76-14A letter from a Soviet shipyard worker made its way into Western newspapers and his gripes about life seem to fly in the face of the what the USSR's leaders would have the world think.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 146
Who Government Costs Money76-14
Government Spending76-14The new House Majority leader, Tip O'Neill, recently stated that if unemployment were lower, we wouldn't have this budget deficit. Reagan wishes that statement would get flipped... that if we didn't have this budget deficit, we'd have lower unemployment.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 256
Russians76-14"Standing in the Athenian marketplace 2000 years ago, Demosthenes asked, "What sane man would let another man's words rather than his deed tell him who is at war and who is at peace with him?" I actually can't find any reference to this Demosthenes quote, but the point is being made that the Soviet Union talks about peace, while throughout the world it is flexing military might in a way we should be taking notice. Reagan quotes from an American Spectator editorial: A World Without Russians by R. Emmett Tyrrell.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 33
Privacy Bureau76-15
Guest: Peter Hannaford
Oil I76-15The "experts" are telling us all the oil on Earth will be gone in 30 years (what have I been putting in my car?). Reagan pushes back with some history about similar assessments made as far back as 1914, when the U.S. Bureau of Mines projected 5.7 billion barrels of oil in the United States. We'd pumped 34 billion at the time Reagan spoke.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 318
Oil II76-15
Cuba76-15President Carter's trying to normalize relations with Cuba. Reagan wants to know how many political prisoners there are on the island nation. He also shares information coming from Anna Galbis, a former member of the Castro government, who spoke at Dartmouth College about the conditions for the average citizen (spoiler, they're not so good).
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 156
Episcopal Controversy76-15
Guest: Peter Hannaford
Intelligence76-15The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has an oversight role regarding whether our Intelligence agencies are operating lawfully and effectively. They seem to be focusing on the former.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 124
OSHA76-15"Government exists to protect us from each other." sums things up, but its overly simplified and leaves too much to interpretation. Government provides police (internal) protection, military (external) protection. But, what about protecting us from ourselves?? It seems as though this is the job of OSHA. Can't I ride a motorcycle without a helmet? I'm only endangering myself.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 288
DNA research76-15
Indexing76-15Indexing is the process of shifting the progressive income tax brackets to compensate for inflation. This would not be done at the federal level until Reagan became president, though in 1976, Reagan's talking about a proposed tax change in California.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 272
Force Account Work76-15
Common Sense Bureaucrats76-15
Economic Fairy Tapes76-15
Health Costs76-15
Private Property76-16
The Hatch Act76-16
South Africa76-16Ever heard of Transkei? South Africa, in an effort to give some autonomy to potentially warring African tribes, South Africa created a number of independent republics. Transkei, unfortunately, was never officially recognized by another outside country, nor by the UN (though it will recognize East Germany as its own country). Reagan speculates this is because "the new little Republic is pro-western and anti-communist, two characteristics the United Nations does not possess."
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 185
Food Stamps76-16
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 393
Man's Castle76-16The government is using its bureaucratic, regulatory system to invade our privacy. Best hope you don't have a home-based small business.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 291
Jamaica76-16the United States seems to favor the government of Jamaica, but since 1973, their Prime Minister Michael Manley has been praising Castro and intends to follow the Soviet Union's example in building a rich new society.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 196
Endangered Species76-16Nowadays, humans are blamed if a species of animal goes extinct, but is that the truth? What about the millions of species that died before man came to be? Did we kill of all the dinosaurs? The idea that we must protect everything to our own detriment then enteres into the conversation as Reagan tells us the story of the Dickey-Lincoln power facility which was derailed by the Furbish Lousewort and the Snail Darters that delayed the construction of the Tellico Dam in Tennessee.

On Youtube with "Blackout"
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 329
Socialized Medicine76-16The American Medical Association had spent years fighting against the efforts of Congress to create a socialized medicine system, but Reagan seems their resistance waning. Is it battle fatigue? Thankfully, a recent surge of support saw them reject Congressional plans. Reagan gets a chance to quote an English woman, "We all get our medical care for free you know. It is rather slow. I had to wait 8 years for an appointment with a dermatologist about my face."
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 366
The Principal's Principles76-16
Property Rights76-16The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights includes "the right to own property alone. ... No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property." Well, there are two new UN covenants on rights (one concerning Civil and Political Rights, the other on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights) that are up for approval and, wouldn't you know, the Communists are preventing similar language from being included. If the United States signs on and ratifies them, they would violate our 5th and 14th Amendments. Reagan is not pleased.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 167
Government Cost76-16
Food Stamps76-17
Neutron Bomb I76-17
Neutron Bomb II76-17
Tax Shift76-17
Drunk Driving76-17
Korea I76-17
Korea II76-17
Korea III76-17
Human Rights76-17
Snail Darter76-17
Porpoises and Tuna76-17
Small Business76-17
Panama76-18Reagan is talking about the Panama Canal, though this time he's talking more about the history behind its construction and the costs to the United States. Now, we're just going to give it away.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 198
Cover Up76-18
Justice Department76-18
Unemployment76-18There are many kinds of unemployment and they aren't necessarily caused by the same thing. The minimum wage has a great effect on teenage unemployment. Along those same lines, there isn't going to be one definitive way to reduce unemployment. Another cause can be excessive government benefits for the unemployed... the solution to that unemployment is to fix government.
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 266
Medical Care76-18
World Research76-18
Dream World76-18
Tom Hayden76-18
Korea76-18A broadcast recorded on August 15, 1977 Reagan talks about a recent incident with North Korea. An Army Chinook helicopter carrying 4 inadvertently crossed into North Korean airspace and was shot down. Three of the crew were killed. Reagan seems to take the North Koreans to task for "an innocent mistake".
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 41
Foreign Aid76-18Foreign aid comes in many forms. Reagan talks about an effort by Congressman Bill Young to cut aid to four countries (Uganda, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam) AND the international funds and banks that would then stealthfully pass the money on to those same countries.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 168
L.A. Times76-19A recent editorial in the Los Angeles Times is taking Reagan to task for opposing the giveaway of the Panama Canal. Reagan takes the time to respond.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 199
Panama Canal I76-19 The Joint Chiefs all support the move to give up the Panama Canal... but they're required to support the policies of the Commander-in-Chief. What do some of the former Joint Chiefs have to say? Admiral Thomas Moorer, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and Admiral John McCain Jr. would both testify in the Senate regarding the strategic value of the canal.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 201-204
Panama Canal II76-19
The Bible76-19
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 409
Kettering76-19We live in an age of miracles. In Reagan's lifetime, humanity went from the horse and buggy to walking on the moon. We hear a story from 1943 of the genesis of the radio, but the story teller, C.F. Kettering, traces the origins back 2500 years, to the first observations of electric charge.
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"

Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 309
Government Costs76-19
Cuba I76-19
Cuba II76-19
Youth Employment76-19Reagan starts off by discussing the 1977 New York City blackout and how the looting is being blamed on... not enough welfare. He transitions, though, to the minimum wage and how it hurts the youth because it prices them out of many jobs.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 303
The Olympics76-19Last year (1976) red China, claiming there was only one China, sought to have all the athletes from the Republic of China (Taiwan) blocked from the Summer Olympic games in Montreal. Now, in 3 years, at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, the Soviet Union is attempting to block Israel from participating. On a side note: Taiwan has not been allowed to participate under the title Republic of China, since. The use the name "Chinese Taipei." On another side note: Israel wouldn't participate in the 1980 Moscow Olympics, but on their own terms, protesting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 214
Government Can Cost Less I76-19
Government Can Cost Less II76-19
Pensions76-19ERISA was passed to protect the pension rights of employees of companies that might have to declare bankruptcy. 3 years after its signing, roughly 30% of the private pension plans had gone under (only affecting 5% of the workers). But why? There was ERISA to help. Actually, it may have been the increased regulatory burden created by ERISA that killed the businesses and their pensions.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 373

On Youtube with "Endangered Species"
Furbish Lousewort76-19Is the Endangered Species act of 1973 a means to saving other species or is it used as a spike in the wheels of progress. Couldn't a plant be replanted to ensure its survival?
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Carter Welfare Reform #177-20
Carter Welfare Reform #277-20
The Stalinoids77-20
Hospital Costs77-20
Mozambique77-20Reagan talks about the conditions over the last few years in Mozambique under its first President, Samora Machel, an avowed Leninist/Marxist. He does not have kind words for the American UN Ambassador, Andrew Young.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 186
Tax Limitation77-20
Air Bags77-20
The Military77-20The United States is structured such that the military has oversight from civilians, but wouldn't we benefit from their advice and opinions? A recent memo from the Army called "Speaking Up, Speaking Out" intimates that the Army doesn't stop its members from having opinions, but if they don't stop speaking out, they may have to start.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 69
Property Rights (California Redwoods Parks)77-20The Federal government wants to make a new park to save the redwoods...but there's already a state park there for that very reason. Is this really necessary?
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 340
Congressional Committees77-20Committees in both the House and Senate concerning the internal security of the United States have been disbanded, but does that mean the threat is gone? Definitely not.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 126
The Myth of the Medicare Millionaires77-20
Carter Welfare Reform77-21
Treaties77-21Laurence Beilenson, a lawyer and author of the book "The Treaty Trap" believes that there is great risk in losing control of the Panama Canal. Reagan believes him, stating, "No nation that puts it's faith in paper and lowered it's military hardware has ever survived."
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 51
Panama I77-21 Reagan sees some revisionist history being told about the United States and whether it had a hand in the revolution which saw Panama break away from Columbia. In the second broadcast, there some revisionist talk on the terms of the upcoming treaty itself.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 204-207
Panama II77-21
Panama III77-21
Taxes77-21Reagan dreads Congressional talk of tax reform, and if they're doing it during an election year, watch out. They plan to rob Peter to pay Paul. What the politicians don't (or won't) understand is that there are some smart people who believe that tax revenue can go up if taxes are lowered on individuals and businesses. Who? Oh, just Milton Friedman, Arthur Laffer, Paul McCracken, Allan Meltzer and Arthur Burns. History bears them out too.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 274
Energy I77-21
Energy II77-21
Equal Time77-21
Investigative Agencies77-21
SALT77-22Reagan spends another of numerous broadcasts on the SALT II Talks.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 75
Alaska77-22Reagan's intro really says it all: "Will Alaska wind up as our largest state or will it be our smallest state surrounded by our biggest national park?"
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 336
Good News77-22
Youth and Crime77-22
Free Enterprise77-22
Aid to Vietnam77-22
The Individual77-22
Freedom77-22How many freedoms have we lost? Reagan asks this question of a group of young people, only to questioned what he meant. It is in this episode that Reagan mentions his performance on the GE Theater in The Iron Silence.
An Angry Man I77-22
An Angry Man II77-22
Superintendent's Dilemma77-23
Capitalism/Socialism77-23Reagan receives a letter from a high schooler about an experiment he performed in one of his classes involving candy and push-ups? Are we sure this is about economics?
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Inflation and the Property Tax I77-23
Inflation and the Property Tax II77-23
Public Employees77-23
Red Hen77-23
President Coolidge77-23
Christmas 77-23
Bread Machine and Janeway77-23
The Incredible Bread Machine77-23
People Power77-23
Button, Button77-23
America's Strength77-23
Snail Darters77-24
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Nicaragua I77-24
Guest: Peter Hannaford
Nicaragua II77-24
Guest: Peter Hannaford
National Security77-24
National Health Insurance I77-24
National Health Insurance II77-24
Social Security77-24Reagan found a copy of the 1936 "Security in Your Old Age" brochure about Social Security. He reads a number of its promises and guarantees, all of which have been broken. He then speaks to his 1976 campaign statement that Social Security was underwater, which the press attacked him for saying. He quotes from a 1977 report to support his assertions.
Available on "Reagan In His Own Voice"
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 370
Martin Luther King77-24
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 385
NEA77-24What do Social Engineers and government planners have in store for us? In this case, a Department of Education. The NEA is using support for the DOE as a litmus test for its support of candidates in the 1980 election and the NEA is among the largest lobbying powers in the country. The NEA actually admits that schools are the vehicle for social change (what about education??) Reading through the quote from the NEA newsletter included in the broadcast reads like the story from Pictures of the Socialistic Future in which parent's cede all responsibilities for their children to the State.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 351
Apples77-24Were you aware that New England apple orchards depend on out-of-country workers during their harvest season? Neither did I. Well, apparently workers from Jamaica (when it's not tourist season) and Nova Scotia lobstermen and clamdiggers come south to assist in the orchards... except that the U.S. Labor Department is fighting it, saying that the orchards should be hiring American workers... but its work Americans just won't do.
Available in "Reagan In His Own Hand" Page 301
Herman Kahn, Futurist77-24

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